Find The Inspiration To Turn Your Spark Into Fireworks

 Blair Fraser
Blair Fraser

Given from my experience, inspirations truly do motivate you to accomplish goals. You look up to your inspirations for guidance. You say, “Oh. I want to be like them when I get older”.

HOLD ONTO THAT INSPIRATION. From miles away, they can still inspire you to do the smallest things. Like emailing your favorite artist, comedian, spokesperson, TV Personality. Your inspirations are what make you go after your dreams. You remember the very first time encountering the special inspirational person. How did you feel? You most likely felt mesmerized. I know I did. Just wait until you get to meet your inspirations, then you will be speechless and in awe. They are just living their life and doing what they want that makes them happy. But it is just that, which makes them inspirational. They are being themselves.

THE SPARK. Your inspiration awakened this dull spark within you, which you never knew existed. That is why you are mesmerized and stunned. That spark should be lit forever – growing slowly into a flame, as you work towards your goals and dreams.

That spark is just the beginning to a beautiful show that the universe has planned for you. As long as you keep that spark lit, then your inspiration will be grateful. They are the reason you are becoming a better version of yourself. You have them to thank after everything.

FIREWORKS. Your spark has been burning into a strong, bold flame. You have worked for months or even years to get to the final act of the beautiful show. When you ignite the firework, when you have seen the vibrancy, the boldness of the effect of this firework that is when you know you have done your inspirations a major thank you. Your inspirations will be like, “Hey, I helped you get to where you are”. And as they are not physically with you, they are with you. They helped you. Every night as you go to bed, you think of your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations. Well, WHO made you want that goal, that dream or that aspiration? It is your inspiration. They are there, in your thoughts . . . every day, every night, every moment of your life.

Your inspiration is the little voice inside your mind that tells you to persevere, to have confidence and to be bold. My inspirations definitely have motivated me to put myself out there more, so I am seen in my own right.

If you thought of someone or people while reading this, then THEY are most likely your inspiration.

Your inspiration is the motivation you need to turn that spark into a flame and a flame into a firework. HOLD ONTO THEM. THEY ARE THE SPARK YOU NEED.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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