7 Reasons Why Circuit Boys Are Just Wonderful

1. They don’t take life too seriously

Circuit boys know that life happens and there is not much they can control. They do not sweat the small stuff. These boys take life as it comes their way. The circuit boys live each day to the fullest.

2. They know how to have fun

Most circuit parties are filled with outgoing, lively people. They were made to entertain others and to create an exciting atmosphere. These boys are always open for a good, old-fashioned night out.

3. They know when it is time for business versus play time

I mean they have to work in order to pay for hotel stays, plane flights and party wristbands, right? They work and save up money for the times (mostly summer time) when the circuit parties take place. Then their play time is mostly at the circuit events. Events like Matinee and White Party are quite costly, but worth EVERY penny.

4. They are actually some of the sweetest boys you will ever meet

I remember at my very first Matinee Vegas, this random guy just came up to me and took me under his wing. He must have known it was my very first event, as I was totally nervous, but oh so excited. His name was Caleb. I will never forget that night because it was just the kindest thing. He made someone feel comfortable and welcomed . . . and let me tell you something, those circuit parties are overwhelming when you first step foot inside. Circuit boys are there to have fun and enjoy it. They will take you under their wings and just show you how things are done.

5. They understand that the LGBT+ community is really like a family

They support everyone, welcome everyone and defend anyone who is being subjected to unfair treatment. They stick together through anything. These boys are out and proud and will shut anyone down who has anything negative or disrespectful to say.

6. The circuit boys are outgoing

These boys always have a smile on their face. Even away from the parties and events, they are just some of the happiest people. They are always in a good mood and transfer positive vibes out to the world. Wherever they may be, they just want to be themselves, have a good time and spread optimistic vibes out to the world.

7. Circuit boys care about mental and physical health

They most likely work out, go to the gym, they swim and run or any other physical activity that keeps them in shape . . . you know, for Pride Season (which is mostly in the summer months). As for mental health, the majority of circuit boys I have encountered are some of the happiest, well-spoken, kind and genuine guys. Overall, they are happy individuals who enjoy life.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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