When Letting Go Feels Like The Hardest Thing In The World

Angelina Litvin

You have your cupboard racked up with the pink frock that you wore on your third birthday party, the flower that was gifted to you by your high school crush – which you still use as a book-mark, the boarding pass of your first solo trip and the pajamas that find comfort in you, and are used to stretching themselves to fit you even today, after 7 years.

Only if everything in life was as simple and custom fitted for us like those pajamas. But it’s not. It’s not easy. Life is not easy. Love is not easy, and hell, letting go is not easy.

There is something comforting in not letting go. And you wonder, how is it so simple for some people to let go so easily, to skip from one person to another without looking back, while you hang on to shreds of something which once was, like ages back.

Let go, is not a word, a tool, or a process. Sometimes it becomes a handicap, a baggage. Because, the more we try to let go, the more it stays with us.

Like the pebble that you thought you let go off, by throwing in the sea, it some-how finds it way back to us. May it doesn’t want to let go of you. Or may-be, you did let go, and in that moment, when you truly let go of the pebble, it found its way back to you.

Whatever it is, you are certain that letting go will do you good than sticking on. You know it as much as you deny it. Letting go also means letting the new usher in.

And that’s precisely why letting go is so essential. To invite the new in our life. Letting go is difficult because it means you have to get out of the comfort of your pain. You have to dive deep into the discomfort of the void that is created by letting go.

So, I won’t tell you to let-go. But at least, Let God. Because, letting go essentially means – LETTING GOD. So beautiful beings, let go of your worries and control. Let go of your fears and doubts, let go of all the toxic relationships and insecurities. Make room for the void in your life. Surrender and Let God fill it and see the magic unfold. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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