5 Kinds Of Love You Will Experience In Your Life

1. The Love That Would Remind You How Simple It Is To Feel.

The kind of love that would take you back to a boy in your high school halls and how you quietly gush about how cute he is when he smiles and how you write creepy entries on your diary that one day he might drive you home and you’ll get your happy ending. Believe me, this is the purest and the best kind of affection there is.

2. The Love That Changed You.

We can always look back to that one person whose love was either too good or too bad for us that it changed us. They could have showed us how dark abyss could be turned into a whimsical garden or they could have rocked the solid walls that guarded our petty hearts and we crumbled instantly to their feet. And like rubble, they left us. Without second thoughts.

3. The Love That Left You Hanging.

How their scent still trail behind your memories. Sillage, how the French call it. It is the kind of love that left you a lot of what ifs and what could have been. It is the most bitter kind of love. It is because you never had a closure to what you used to had or had not.

4. The Love You Never Got Over.

All these years you refused to dig it up because acknowledging it means there is still something left for your heart to feel that way again to that certain person who already got over you. And you know it is over but the heart feels what the heart feels. And sometimes, it feels what you cannot comprehend.

5. The Love You Settle.

It is like finding someone to make you believe in all the cliches about love. It is like finding a perfect spot in your favorite cafe in the middle of rain while wearing your favorite sweater. Pure bliss. The kind of love where you never how it happened, it just did. And trust me, it will surprise you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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