14 Signs That You Are Definitely Still Not Over Him

Kyle Broad
Kyle Broad

It’s been quite a while since the day you’ve gone your separate ways. You should have moved on by now but you’re not getting where you’re supposed to be. You don’t know if it’s because your mind is just all kinds of uncooperative or because you’re still mired into your painful past with him. It’s undoubtedly the latter if you find yourself doing these fourteen things.

1. You stalk him online.

You followed his (and his friends, family, and relatives’) social media accounts using a pseudo account you specifically made for this unhealthy activity. You track what he does obsessively just to make sure he’s not having more fun in his newfound single life than you do… and that he hasn’t found someone new.

2. You still got him blocked on social media.

Because it still stings, TBH. And obviously because you do investigative work using your pseudo account.

3. You post stuffs that obviously refer to him on your (authentic) social media accounts.

And your BFFs can’t help but notice that and call your attention for your crap. But you couldn’t care less about their pieces of advice because you know you needed to let your feelings out.

4. You spend every second of your idle time thinking about him and wondering about how you’d be like if you’re still happy together.

And what follows are bittersweet tears and too many cups of wine than you can handle.

5. Or writing about your how impossible it is to move on your personal blog.

You give your blog readers the pleasure of knowing what happened during the last and probably the messiest fight leading to your breakup by writing a vivid replay of the scenes.

6. You’re still in contact with his parents.

Not because you’re being courteous but because you have a hidden agenda: his mom and dad may just convince him that you’re “The One” for him and nobody else.

7. You hear your “team song” on the radio and you want to smash it until you don’t hear a sound.

Because the feels are hard to deal with, you know?!

8. You sleep with your relationship mementos.

You still hug the tattered teddy bear he gave you on your first monthsary. You also wear the oversized t-shirt he left in your crib during one of your Netflix and chill sessions.

9. You visit the places you used to hang out at.

And your subconscious secretly hopes that he’s there looking for you, too but to your frustration, he’s not. Because you see, he isn’t as stuck with the past as you.

10. He’s the first person you want to call when there’s good news.

Your dog gave birth. Your neighbor – who you have issues with – is no longer living in your neighborhood. You got the dream job you’ve been wishing for since you were three years old. Whichever good and exciting thing it is, he’s the first one you want to tell. You dialed his number absentmindedly on your phone and you almost made it ring.

11. You don’t notice any guy who does a double-take and attempts to hit on you.

Guys throw themselves on your feet but you hardly pay attention. No, because your eyes, body, and mind still belong to what’s-his-name forever.

12. You bring his name up out of nowhere when you’re out with your date.

And you leave the poor guy confused and a bit hurt.

13. You compare every guy your besties suggest to him.

You see no point in going out with someone new if they’re not as gorgeous, as kind, and as loving as him. Plus, if they’re not bearded like he was, they won’t stand a chance.

14. You drunk text him again and again.

You swore to yourself months ago that you’ll never drink yourself to death and that you won’t ever pester him with your pesky text messages but your promises were all broken. You don’t even know if you can keep them in the future.

Moving on isn’t as easy as it sounds but take heart. It is possible to recover from the worst breakup. You can do it and you will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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