Guys, Here Are 9 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

grant benton
grant benton

When desperation kicks in, even the most well-mannered guy will resort to doing totally dumb (and creepy) things just to get a woman’s attention. What’s even worse than that is their skewed thought that we, ladies, will be impressed with their inappropriate flirting moves when in fact, they do nothing but put us off. So guys, listen up! We appreciate you’ve made the move to get our attention but never, ever do these things when flirting with us.

1. Don’t touch us.

Not because we’re picky or because you’re so beneath us (we don’t think that way) but because you make us feel uncomfortable when you do. It’s okay to shake hands with us. Other than that, keep your hands to yourself. They don’t have business in our waist or in any part of our bodies.

2. Don’t get too close.

Smelling the aftershave you’re wearing isn’t going to make us impressed. Invading our personal space isn’t going to do the trick either. So please maintain a reasonable distance from us while we’re engaged in a convo.

 3. Don’t stare.

Eye contact is important, be it flirting with us or during a serious talk. But please, don’t stare at us with that creepy kind of stare. It makes us think that you’re undressing us in your mind and we’re not yet ready for that.

4. Don’t smile and/or laugh too much.

Okay, we get it. You have perfect teeth and glorious fresh breath. But you’ve got to have more than that to get us to want to date you.

5. Don’t try so hard with being funny.

We are naturally attracted with guys who have a sense of humor. So be funny, but not so funny that you end up cracking jokes that don’t even make sense to us. More importantly, pick appropriate subjects for your jokes. Making fun of other people’s imperfections is never going to earn you points.

6. Don’t use pickup lines.

Pickup lines are kind of corny and are not the thing to tell grown-ass women. So if you want to talk to us, engage us using a witty subject. This way, we will see how you don’t only have the looks but the wits, too.

7. Don’t shower us with too much compliments.

We always know if a compliment is genuine and sincere. So, telling us how you like everything about us won’t make us fall for you. Instead, compliment us only on things that strike you the most so you don’t go overboard.

8. Don’t overdo the chivalry thing.

We appreciate it if you open the door or pull a chair for us. But as with everything, there should be balance. ICYMI, we still got both of our hands so we don’t need your help with reaching for things. We are strong and independent and we can take care of ourselves.

9. Don’t pretend to be somebody else.

You’re awesome as you are (unless you’re an asshole). So drop the pretentions, act like how you would act under normal circumstances, and be your real self. This way, we can avoid the awkwardness and just enjoy the moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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