13 Ways Girls Know You’re Lying To Them (Because We’re Smarter Than You Think)


They’ve played with our hearts and tricked us into thinking we’re in a serious relationship when in fact, we’re just being taken for a ride (to hell, obviously). Because of our fair share of dating damn good liars in the past, we’ve memorized how they roll. So guys, if you’re telling us fibs, we’ll find out because your body language will surely give you away:

1. Your head suddenly moves.

We know you’re about to lie to us when you look down, look away, or both. And no, you don’t look good when you do.

2. Your eyes get weird.

Either they run from side to side because you’re avoiding to meet ours or you blink too many times than a normal person would.

3. You hold our gaze for way longer than normal.

Because you’re desperate to prove that you’re not one hell of a liar, you stare at us until your eyes hurt. When they do, you still don’t give up because you’re determined to convince us that you’re not hiding anything. We may end up losing in this eye contact battle but we win because we’ve caught you fibbing again (even if you deny it to death).

4. You touch your nose too often than necessary.

You’re terrified that it will grow longer like Pinnochio’s so you touch it every damn second because if it does, it would be a shame.

5. You wet your lips.

Not because you want to prepare to give us a kiss that will make us forget all fibs you’ve told us but because you’re going to drop another one.

6. You flick your tongue out of your mouth.

First, we have to tell you that you look like an ugly frog when you’re unknowingly doing this flicking your tongue thing. Secondly, no we won’t kiss you because you obviously won’t turn into a hot prince.

7. You catch your breath between sentences.

Not because you’ve just ran long distance but because you’re speaking too fast. You’re agitated AF and that also results to you eating your words, stuttering, or suddenly losing track of the not so nice conversation we’re having.

8. You put your hands in your pockets.

Normal (and truthful) people almost always use their hands to gesture while engaged in a convo. But because you’re lying right to our face, you keep both of them in your pockets for fear that they’ll end up being too sweaty because you’re nervous about getting caught.

9. You take unusually looong pauses.

We throw you a simple question. You pause for like twenty-six seconds and then ask us back the question we just asked you (WTF!). This tells us you’re trying to buy yourself some time so you can give us an answer that won’t cause all hell to be let loose.

10. You repeat what you say over and over.

Yes, we’ve heard that you’re not hiding something from us for the nth time. But come on. You’re obviously repeating your lie because you can’t even believe it yourself.

11. You tell fishy stories.

Something just don’t quite add up with what you’re saying. And when we feel this way, chances are our instincts are right: You’re not telling the truth.

12. You breathe a sigh of relief.

If you thought you got away with the web of lies you’ve spun, think again.

13. You get too defensive.

So we’ve accused you of fibbing and your response was just way shocking: you punched the wall with your bare hands, shifted the blame to us, then headed out of the door. You intentionally created drama so our attention will shift from your fibbing to your now bloody knuckles. Hands down for your performance. You may now take a bow! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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