13 Times It’s (Somewhat) Socially Acceptable To Ghost Him

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Folur’s photography

Ghosting sucks, especially if you’re the one being ghosted. However, there are exceptional situations when you shouldn’t be judged for ghosting someone. Here are 13 of them:

1. He’s shown signs of creepiness.

Maybe he’s coming on too strong on you or is moving too fast, making you feel uncomfortable. He likes, loves, wows, and hahas all of your Facebook statuses, even the ones that no one from your 2000 plus friends paid attention to. Or if he smiles at you like this.


2. Your first date with him sucked beyond your worst nightmares.

Forget about your first date expectations. If it came out to be a total disaster (of no fault of your own), then you know what to do if he has hinted on a second date.


3. You’ve never met IRL.

Say you’ve met through a social dating site and never gotten around to do anything more than exchange messages. You’ve always talked about meeting IRL but your schedules never meet, not once. Nobody is willing to sacrifice his or her time to make the meet-up a reality.


4. You discovered that you’re related by blood.

You went on Google to carry out some detective work before you allow yourself to fall head over heels in love with him. You then found out through Ancestors.com that you’re from the same lineage. All this time, you realized your relationship was incestuous!


5. You’ve had a lousy one-night stand.

Because one-night stands are one-night stands for a reason, right?


6. You got fired from your job.

You’re broke AF and didn’t want to have to explain that you can’t go out on dates because anymore because you’re checking account has been overdrawn. And you’ll soon be evicted from your apartment.


7. A person close to you died.

You needed some time to mourn. Indefinitely. You don’t want to talk to anyone until further notice.

8. Someone got into your apartment and tied your hands.

Unless your cellphone is within reach and you can type using your toes, then ghost him.


9. You’ve been swamped with work lately.

You can’t even get three hours of sleep because of so much on your plate. The company depended on you heavily you’re not allowed to have life anymore.

10. You woke up one day and you’re an amnesiac.

You’ll never know what will happen tomorrow so record everything before you go to sleep!

11. You’ve been busted.

If the offense you were sent to jail for is non-bailable, he can’t seriously expect a text from you. So don’t feel bad about ghosting him. He can’t blame you.

12. You found out that he’s not single at all.

So the asshole lied to your face and pretended he’s still a single guy waiting for the love of his life to come. You were dumb enough to fall for his lies. So if he’s that big of a liar then he deserves to be ghosted.


13. He’s been sending you unsolicited dick pics.

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