7 Things I Know To Be Absolute Truth

1. It is okay if you haven’t figured things out.

This is not me encouraging you to just go with the flow and be a lazy ass. It is important to always try to figure things out. Do not be content on being stuck in a situation where your heart is not happy. Life is about chasing happiness. Imagine if your life is all figured out and planned out, and you know every single detail of how things are and will be. Life would be predictable and boring if you knew what happened next at every turn. Keep figuring out your next high. Keep setting goals. Keep dreaming.

2. Hard times are part of living.

Imagine if everything comes easy; love, money, A+ on exams, promotion. I assure you, it won’t make you as happy as if you earned it the hard way. Challenges are there to make you appreciate the rainbow after the rain.

3. We can’t ever be genuinely cool if we want to be cool.

The coolest kids I know don’t even try. The things that make cool people cool are the things that are the most real about them. It is impossible to please everyone. The better thing to do is to do what makes you happy. If your friends hate One Direction but you actually like them, go ahead and fall in love with Harry Styles. If you enjoy watching Teen Wolf even if your brother hates it, don’t stop watching it. If you like wearing polka dots or animal print tights, go ahead and work it. If you want to cut your hair really short or dye it with a really bright color, do it. Feed yourself with your guilty pleasures.The things you like make up a large part of who you are, and who you truly are is the coolest version of yourself. At the end of the day, it is your life and it is your happiness.

4. Hate is a bad thing to spend time on.

Have you ever stalked someone online just because you think it’s fun to mentally pick on them? I plead guilty to this, but thank God I have gone past this unhealthy and very immature habit. The only thing we’ll ever gain from spending time on hate is more hatred. Love is a better thing to spend time on. It will give you peace of mind, more friends, positivity and more love. If you find yourself actually admiring something, take time and acknowledge its beauty or brilliance. Do not drown yourself in pride. Swallow it and be kind to the world.

5. Moving on may be difficult but it is always possible.

I’m pretty sure we all have lost something in the past, whether it’s a loved one, a friend, a pet, a job, a big amount of money, a favorite item, or an opportunity. You might even be hurting from loss of one of those right now but let me try and wake you up by saying that you will heal. Your world shouldn’t stop from one tragic loss. It is okay to allow yourself to grieve and feel however you want to feel. Eventually though, tell yourself to let go. I promise you, if you open your heart and mind to acceptance and forgiveness, you will move on.

6. It is important to learn something new each day.

The universe is rich with very interesting facts. We are fortunate to be part of this generation where it is high-tech and knowledge can easily be acquired. Don’t let a day pass without feeding your mind something. Watch a movie. Read a book. Google whatever interests you. Enjoy a conversation with a stranger. Listen to music. Stare at the sky.

7. Always be grateful.

One, two or three problems should not make you declare that you have a bad life. Every life story is unique and every breath is precious. Appreciate the little things. Take time to look back at good memories and to make new ones. Enjoy the beauty of the world. Be grateful for being alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Maria Alvarez

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