If You Believe In Love, Do Not (Under Any Circumstances) Read This

Aidan Meyer

Love and relationships are rotten business. They are breeding grounds for indecisiveness and inconsistency. They are only manifestations of desires of the present – never meant to last the future.

Relationships and the concept of love are only good as long as emotions are operative and in good condition. But emotions are indefinite; emotions are consistently irregular.

We are never destined to love just one person, because destiny is an illusion. Love did not turn out as what we wanted it to be. Love doesn’t last, love cannot endure, love isn’t forever. We have confused love with people and things we want so much we thought were going to last. But nothing ever lasts.

People only say things others want to hear, but never really mean them. They show things we want to feel, but will never be consistent about it. We, humans, are out there to grab hearts, satisfy ourselves and break them – even sometimes unconsciously. We want things only as long as we want them, and dump them as soon as we get bored and have maximized whatever fun and emotional satisfaction we could acquire.

As long as things go well for us and as long as we are happy, we stick with people. As long as the circumstances work well for us, we fight. But by the time things start becoming harder? We pull off our respective versions of drama.

What about the authenticity of our emotions? What about “What I felt was real.” “My heart knew what it felt.” “I don’t know what went wrong, but I loved you.” “What we had was real.”

Well, emotions can be genuine – AT THE TIME. Our own emotions are deceptive; our emotions can deceive even ourselves.

We thoughtwe had the person who’s going to be the right in the world full of wrongs. We thought the person’s our game changer. We thought we love the person, but it’s the feeling we’re in love with. We thought we finally had the one who would defy this generation’s crooked versions of love and relationships. We thought he or she felt like home. We thoughtdestiny conspired to let us be with that one person who made us feel the way we never felt before, WE THOUGHT. The list never ends.

Maybe love and relationships worked well for people years ago before; maybe they’re still working for some. That’s good. But all I see now is a generation in the time and era when the happy couples on social media are not as happy in real life as they virtually appear.

We are in an era when she smiles but she doesn’t know of the other girl. We are in an era he would give her all that he has, but she’d leave him for another man who could give better.

In this time and era the only thing that works well for people is: Avoid love and relationships at all costs. That way, we protect ourselves from emotional repercussions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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