For Every Girl At A Crossroads In Her Relationship

For every girl at a crossroads in her relationship, who:

…is thinking twice about giving up a relationship to find herself.

Let it go. If it’s truly yours, it will come back around from a million miles away. It will hurt him and you too; but if he loves you, he’ll be willing to wait and time will not be an obstruction.

…just got a career opportunity her guy disapproves of.

Let him go, not all risks are worth it. Yes we find love once, but that love should never hold us back from our dreams.

…in a relationship that compromises her beliefs.

Let it go, your beliefs are part of your identity’s foundation, it’s not worth tearing them apart for anyone. Love should never force you into a position of compromising your belief system.

…in a relationship with a guy who makes her feel less.

Let it go; though relationships cannot complete you, it should give you more of life, not less of it and less of yourself. There should be no room for insecurities in a relationship, you two should complement each each other. He should make you feel like “the one” in a sea of other beautiful faces.

…in a relationship with a guy who hurts her emotionally, mentally and physically.

Let it go, it’s not your fault. Don’t be too hard on yourself by blaming you; whatever you have done to provoke him will never justify every tear, his fist on your face, or the bruises on your body. He is not the one. Stop talking yourself into it. I repeat. He. Is. Not. The. One. If he loves you, he will never dare hurt you. Apologies and second chances in this case do not apply.

…in a relationship with a guy who keeps cheating on her.

Quit it. You will never satisfy him. Not because you’re not beautiful, but because you are not a commodity that provides satisfaction. He doesn’t cheat because she’s prettier, smarter and funnier than you; he cheats because he’s an asshole with awful issues. Get rid of him.

…in a relationship with a guy who keeps her from his family and friends.

Walk away. If he keeps you from them, it’s rooting from something deeper. It’s good to have a world only you two can share, but if it involves a world that alienates you from his family and friends, don’t settle with that. You deserve a relationship that will be celebrated by everyone in both of your lives.

…in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t involve her in his future.

Let him go; otherwise, you’re digging yourself your own pitfall of tears. If you’re not in his future, then his promises of love and care – even his efforts are good for nothing.

…in a relationship with a guy who refuses to give her magic.

Don’t waste your three, four, five, ten years for this guy, you are missing what can only be found once in your existence.

…in a relationship with a guy who keeps disappointing her – never makes something special out of occasions: holidays, birthdays and even the sickening Valentine’s day.

I know it’s cliche, but a man should make these days special for you, regardless of how mainstream other people think these occasions are; it’s about you and him, not them. He should make them special nevertheless.

If you are at a crossroads and stuck in these relationships, let it go. I repeat. Let it go. You are not getting any younger and the more you’re in those kinds of relationships, the more you’re losing time for yourself and the more you’re tearing you to bits of pieces – pieces that in the end, only you can put together.

Don’t rush. You have an entire lifetime with “the one”, it can wait. Once you find him, you’re going to spend life with him until your pretty face turns wrinkled. But you only have you for yourself until you’re what? Twenty-eight? Thirty? Forty? You only have few years left for yourself and you already spent the early years of your life with relationships that ended anyway.

As the days, weeks, months and years pass, you get less and less time to prove yourself that you are a strong independent woman who can stand on her own feet, less time to see how much you can do without the help of any man, less time to experience the joy of solitude, less time to discover the kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on someone’s text messages and surprises, less time to realize that your beauty is made of the inner complexities of your being, less time to chase your dreams, less time to travel and see the world by yourself.

So let go, let go of that relationship.

It’s scary and painful – I should know; but be brave because it’s worth it. You can have an entire lifetime when the right man comes, but you only have you for yourself now. It will stop hurting and later on he’ll turn into distant faded memories.

Then one day, you’ll breathe into yourself, you’ll feel freedom through your veins… and by that time you will stand proud and tell the world that no one else completed you but you. By that time, the world is a new better place to explore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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