For The Girl Who Was Told She Wasn’t Good Enough

This is for the girl who was told she wasn’t good enough, that it’s impossible for her to achieve her dreams. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise that your vision isn’t worth pursuing.

No matter how much you are criticized for even the slightest flaw on your body, know that you are beautiful inside and out.

For the girl who is subjected to hate, toxic comments on social media, and the pressure of other people’s expectations, my heart reaches out to you, wishing to shield you from all the negativity.

To the girl who is broken and yearning for love, yet has her love thrown back in her face, you are made out of fierce magic. Possibilities are as infinite as the sky or the stars in the universe.

After falling, you are meant to rise. You will overcome all obstacles and prove that you are worth more than what those negative people think you are.

You don’t need validation from someone who adds to your insecurities and doesn’t see you for being the amazing person you are.

This is for the girl who was made to feel like she wasn’t good enough. I hope you find the people who are worth your time. That they are kind souls who uplift you, love you unconditionally, and support you for being you. Someone who lights up a spark of hope and joy deep within you and who’ll never aim to tear you down.

To the girl who needs time to heal, I hope that all of your dreams come true. I hope that you find your tribe, your community of people where you feel safe, respected, and loved.

Even if you’ve been told that you weren’t good enough in the past, I believe there’s still hope for the right people to come into your life, to help you heal.

Your light shines brighter than all those toxic people combined. If someone can’t see your value, it’s their loss.

Continue to shine your brilliant light for the world to see. Don’t let someone’s dark clouds create storms in your blue sky.

✨ Writer. Poet. 🌺 ✨

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