A Reminder To Never Change For Anyone

It’s time to realize that nobody can change you. It is not their duty, nor is it in their power.

Nobody can reshape you just because your actions and choices do not match theirs. It is not their place to make you feel as though you need help evolving or bettering yourself.

No one in this world can seek perfection from you, or mold you into the person they wish you were. No one has the right to be angry or resistant towards you for not being the person they imagine or expect you to be.

The reality is, if someone is trying you change you, this is not your problem. It is theirs.

If you are not the perfect person someone wishes you to be, and they are unable to love you for who you are… Walk away. Please do not allow anyone to squash you and try to mold you to meet their expectations. Do not spend your life trying to please others or allowing them to make you feel as though you are not good enough.

You are not here to satisfy others; you are here to live your life the way you have always imagined, to do the things your heart and soul craves. Do not shrink yourself to benefit the life of another.

Consider the reality that the changes they are trying to make in you, are a reflection on the way they see themselves. Take the time to look deeply into their behavior, and you may notice the suffering of this person. A lot of the time, people who go out of their way to make you suffer, are at a low point within themselves and they mistreat you to bring you down to their level of sadness. Ask yourself if they are perfect before you allow them to change you into the person they wish you to be. Realize that this unhealthy behavior is manipulation.

The only person you should change for is yourself. By all means, better yourself, evolve, mold but only into the person you want to be for you.

Set boundaries.

And let go of those who do not love you for who you are.