2017 Is The Year To Say Goodbye To Fuckboys And Hello To A Better You

Timothy Paul Smith
Timothy Paul Smith

I spent these last few weeks of 2016 swiping left and right for fuckboys. As 2017 is quickly approaching, I realized that 2017 is the year I will be saying goodbye to these fuckboys. These are the lessons I’ve learned, and I thank my best friends wholeheartedly for drilling these into my head, which have now become my daily mantras to welcome my best self yet.

You can’t ask someone to be in your life; they have to be there willingly.

There is no need to chase people. A relationship is a two-way street, where both parties are required to put in their solid 100% effort, but you are only required to put in your 50% of that 100%. If he doesn’t reply your texts, then leave it. You deserve more than someone who doesn’t have the decency to take 5 seconds out of their day to tell you that they’re busy or unavailable to you.

If someone is sending you mixed signals, a snap over here and an Insta like over there, but doesn’t reply to your messages or phone calls, they aren’t serious enough for your time and affection.

If someone doesn’t reply when you ask to hangout or for something more, leave them. You deserve someone who will give you definite answers. You deserve someone who doesn’t play games with your head and heart or toy your emotions. There is no need to beg. The moment you start to realize that you become desperate and yearn for any reaction out of them is the moment you walk away. Your self-worth is more than spamming texts and snaps in hopes they’d reply. Either you stay or you go, and most likely it’s time for you to go.

Never settle.

Stop making excuses for why he doesn’t reply in exchange for those dumb and meaningless likes on your latest Instagram pic or Facebook post. Stop feeding into those drunk snaps at 1am on a Wednesday. If he wanted you, he would have said so. He would have taken every moment he had to get to know you, the real you, at 1pm in the sunlight. You don’t have to compromise his inconsistent attitude, even if he is good eye candy. You sat on the floor crying for a reason.

You deserve a better man, one who cares about every single part of you, and thinks your humor and passionate heart is more beautiful than the color of your hair or the makeup on your face. But sometimes there is no better man, so why waste time on all these flaky and inconsistent fuckboys when you can spend time on yourself instead?

2017 is the year to say goodbye to boys who simply do not appreciate and respect you.

There is a better version of you waiting to be explored, strengthened, and grown. 2017 is the year you’ll find that you are the most worthwhile; there is simply no fuckboy better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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