I’ll Choose With My Heart Over My Head, Every Single Time

Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth

The choices you make indicate who you are as a person, or so I think.

I’ve thought about this for a long time, and recently, I’ve been haunted by a choice I made 6 months ago. I was faced with two job positions and both positions are incredible opportunities.

Job A: a door which could give me impressive references, luring me with its fancy title and indulgent pay.

Job B: a door into a room of colourful passion, passions that matched mine but didn’t necessary have the same prestige and pay.

Job A would keep my body alive; Job B would keep my soul alive. One was my head, the other was my heart.

But how do you choose between your head and heart?

Being an anxious and indecisive person, I talked to most of my friends and ranted to my family about this decision. Of course, I was again faced with half saying head and half saying heart. They weren’t helpful, until one of my best friends told me this:

“Go with your heart; your heart may not know best, but it is what you are left with to feel the consequences of these choices.”

I went through with both interviews depending on who would called me first. I thought luck would save me, but it didn’t. When I was done with both interviews, I was pretty sure how I would choose. Or so I thought.

A couple days later, I received two phone calls. Two phones calls of excitement and whole-hearted eagerness. I was so aware of my choice before the calls. One would give me more money, at a cost, the ability to be bound by my job description and the rules. The other wouldn’t give me enough money to support my schooling, but the ability to inspire others with my passions, our shared passions.

There I was, facing my head and my heart dangling like two mismatched piñatas. “Pick me pick me,” they coaxed.

What would you choose if you had the opportunity? Money or Passion?

6 months later, I attend a work summit, feeling even more empowered by my choice. I am surrounded by people I truly admire and respect for their intrinsic talents. I am surrounded by people who would have made the same choice, maybe.

I’d like to think that many more people would have made the same choice as me, in a world where money is worth more than skin and bones, or without money we couldn’t survive as a society and economy.

The flip side to this situation is that I come home to a call waiting in my voice-mailbox. I am again faced with the choice from the beginning, as if haunting me to pick the right one this time? I had to send a tough email that night.

Our choices indicate a strong sense of who we are. Our choices remind us of what we are and who we choose to be.

What I chose taught me that I am still human, flawed, but human. And perhaps a stubborn girl with the pointy ears of a ram.

I chose my heart,
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