50 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs In Her Life


1. A hobby that doesn’t require an electronic device. Try turning it off for a WHOLE SATURDAY. What?! Yeah…insane idea, right? You’d be surprised how much you rely on them. Find something else to do.

2. A favorite author/book you can revisit 100 times and will never get sick of. Take a trip to your local bookstore or library (yes, those still exist-and are free to rent!).

3. A journal. No one else has to see it…so it don’t matter what you write in it! Just express yourself and write some things down. Not everything in your life has to have a #hashtag on Twitter.

4. To pick your battles. Know when to just let it go & move on. You don’t need someone to tell you you’re right every single time.

5. An incredibly comfy bed. Yes, spend the money. We all deserve to have an affair with our bed Sunday mornings, don’t we? So why not make it overpriced and snuggle-approved.

6. The ability to dress to impress. Quit trying to squeeze into that mini skirt Friday night you wore freshman year of college Just…no. This is the point in your life where your body is full grown. Learn to love your body and know what looks killer on you!

7. The interest to try new things like food, hobbies and places. Pick a night every month to go out and try a new restaurant with your girlfriends. Quit sticking to the same old, boring places you go to all the time. Spice it up!

8. Being okay with knowing you may have to throw out your 5-year plan and start over. Don’t have one? That’s okay too. No one knows what lies ahead of us and what could be thrown into our path at anytime.

9. A stationary set/Thank You cards. Snail Mail isn’t dead…and either are your writing skills. Have a set of something in your room to send out mail with. Write your grandma thanking her for your birthday money. She will appreciate more than you will ever understand.

10. A favorite outfit. You deserve to feel like a million bucks. Whether you are out on a date or having dinner with friends- be confident and know you look great!

11. A website/newspaper you can check in weekly to know what’s going on in the world. This is a big one for me. Especially with what is going on in the Middle East right now (if you don’t know what I’m talking about…open a new tab right now and google it. I beg you.)  & everything else in between.

12. A song or playlist on your computer for those moods you just can’t shake (it off…come one…you should have seen that one coming).

13. Some type of workout regiment. Our bodies are not what they used to be…take care of them! You don’t need to join a world-class gym or yoga studio (guilty…). There are plenty of at-home workouts you can find online through Pinterest & YouTube to suit your needs. Because haven’t you heard? Being skinny is sooo last year. Pick up a weight!

14. A great-smelling perfume.

15. To embrace change in their life. Don’t be afraid to take on what comes your way that is unfamiliar. ALSO- don’t be afraid to be the one to make the change in your life. Yes it can be scary and intimidating, but sometimes the best things come in unexpected packages and timings.

16. The possibility that you won’t keep in touch with everyone from high school and even college…and vice versa. Just because you wrote in your BFF’s senior yearbook that you “LYLAS” and “Will skype every weekend in college” doesn’t mean any of that will happen. Everyone is growing up and growing apart…and that’s okay! Some will stay and some will go…the important ones will always be there for you and when you do catch up over cheap wine and take out, it will be like picking up from where you left off without skipping a beat.

17. A bookcase filled with different things that all have a meaning. This can be more than just books! It may just be time to step it up a notch from the rhinestoned “C” you made in college…

18. Owning one pair of killer heels. And this is coming from someone who LOATHES wearing heels. I would actually rather go barefoot than wear heels. But I do have a great pair of heels for emergencies. But just make sure you can actually walk in them & they can be worn for multiple occasions…not for dance photo shoots…in bright red…found hidden in the back of your closet….

19. A  great bra. Just go to Victoria’s Secret. They may be a little overpriced but it keeps my girls happy and comfy. & yeah…i just called my boobs my girls. We are too young to let them start sagging!!! Hold ‘em up properly!

20. Cute underwear. Keep an eye out for that eye-tearing “7 for $26″ day sent from above. They get it.

21. To learn how to speak your mind. You’re allowed to have an opinion. Don’t hold back on something you’re really passionate about. Not everyone may agree with you…if we all agreed on everything then this would be a really boring time to live in.

22. To cook two great meals. It could be as simple as pasta and garlic bread. Why two? Well you may need a back up in case the first one doesn’t go so well…

23. To buy yourself flowers to spruce up your room or just because you damn well feel like it! Even if you have someone in your life…do this because you like flowers. Don’t wait around for someone else to do it for you.

24. Learn what your drinking limits are. We can no longer day-drink all day Saturday and then expect to go out that night as well and fully recover Sunday after popping some Advil. Don’t pregame at 8pm if you are going out at 11pm. Chances are…you won’t make it very long. Don’t be THAT girl.

25. That friend who you can call at 2am crying because some guy or girl is being a total dick and broke your heart into a million pieces.

26. To learn to step out of your comfort zone. Travel. Move to a completely new city. Go talk to that guy first. Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn. Just do it!

27. Donate/spend time for a cause that means something to you. Whether it’s come across your radar through social media and dumping an ice bucket over your head or for something closer to your heart- make the effort to do something meaningful for someone other than you.

28. Be responsible about your money and spending habits. This one has especially been tough for me the past year from multiple setbacks and other things. Start a savings account & put a little from each paycheck into it. It doesn’t have to be a lot…but have something for backup emergencies. You will thank yourself one day.

29. Learn to forgive others and not hold a grudge…you will lose friends fast….ain’t nobody got time for that. No one wants to deal with drama anymore when you’re 25. We all have more interesting things to do. If someone keeps bringing you down…it’s time to move on. Simple.

30. Woman up and apologize for your actions. With that being said above…know when you have made a mistake and own up to it. Don’t make other and yourself feel sorry…apologize and everyone can move on.

31. Do one thing you’re scared to do each year. For me, that was going on a date from Tinder…and look how well that’s turned out. :)

32. Call your mom…even if it’s for 5 mins…you’ll thank yourself down the road.

33. Pay it forward..doesn’t have to be something huge. I’m not saying this to get credit or for others to feel less…but I gave a homeless man that I see everyday coming home from work $5 and the smile and joy he had on his face was priceless.

34. It’s okay to lock yourself in for a night & just do you…watch a movie, order a large pizza, dance around your room, DGAF

35. Make plans to go somewhere you have never been. Especially now if you aren’t married yet and have kids.

36. Two words: Dry. Shampoo.

37. Have a go to hairstyle when you are running late. *See above.

38. Make the investment in great makeup & take care of your skin. It’s not cool anymore to go get sunburnt at the beach and see how dark you can get.

39. Go on lots of dates…don’t settle! You are too young to not explore your options out there. You don’t know what you like, what you don’t like until you’ve tried them. And i’m not just talking “bedroom” stuff. Don’t settle on someone who you feel comfortable with. You deserve the best out there and they are out there. You just have to look.

40. Eat that double hamburger and fries WITHOUT GUILT. You won’t lose an ab over it. (As I sit here and eat a whole container of Pringles as I type this…NO SHAME.)

41. SLOW DOWN…your life is not a race. Appreciate the small things all around you and experience as much as you can.

42. Know how to put in washer fluid in your car & to check your oil. These may be small things, but they can go a long way. If I can do it, trust me, so can you.

43. Update your resume regularly. You always want to keep your options open because you never know what could happen tomorrow in your job. Keeping it up to date does not mean you are ready to quit your job and move on. It just means you are being responsible and keeping up to date on your career path.

44. A go-to karaoke song. 

45. Volunteer. You have two hours to give your time. You can record Scandal & Pretty Little Liars.

46. It’s okay to not post everything about your relationship on social media…keep some things to yourselves and keep some privacy between you two. The whole world doesn’t need to know you two went to the Cheesecake Factory for the 15th time this year. We get it- they haveGREAT bread. Better yet, just ask for some to go and drop it off to me, deal?

47. Swipe right. Try out social dating sites…it’s not going to be the end of the world and I’m not going to judge you. It’s a thing now…just like brunch….what? Who knows…you could meet the man of your dreams on there and you could be too busy being trashed at a bar waiting to be hit on. :)

48. Know that you won’t have everything together for a while. You may still be living paycheck to paycheck and scramble to write your rent check every month. You may hardly have a savings account. IT’S OKAY. Our adult lives are just beginning. I will honestly and openly admit I am still living paycheck to paycheck and have very little saved. I may have other reasons for that but it’s a fact and I know I’m not the only one out there. I can hardly afford non-name brand food at Jewel. (Dinner plans? Hello free samples at Whole Foods!) We are all still trying to figure it all out & we just need to keep reminding ourselves and others of that.

49. How to use coupons/bargin shop. For real though…you know that last time I ordered Papa Johns pizza and paid full price? NEVER. I “Visa25″ that shit every time*. Every penny counts in your 20’s. (*25% off every time…you’re welcome again.)

50. Self-respect. Plain and simple. Respect yourself enough to know when enough is enough. Be confident and happy with yourself. Once you can master this, everything else will fall into place. :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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