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Three Cheers For Female Masturbation!

A woman who masturbates — especially one who masturbates often — is defective in some way. She needs a man, or is driving all of the potential suitors away with her flagrant demonstrations of self-satisfaction.

Be Mine, Just For Today

Because maybe relationships don’t have to fulfill everything for everybody. Maybe you are right in wanting less, and I am being overly demanding in wanting something serious.

If You Leave Me

I wish that you leaving weren’t some horrible fate which lingered on the periphery of my vision and haunted me with prospects of having to start all over again when I was once sure I had it all figured out.

19 Signs You Wasted Your Weekend

You lied about not feeling well in order to cancel plans at the last minute and, even though it felt amazing to do at the time, you ended up feeling like an asshole shortly afterwards because, well, you lied.

You Don't Deserve Me

I was not lucky to have you. I was not chosen by some divine spirit who looked past my physical flaws to gift me with your half-hearted attention.

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