Why Are Women Addicted To Wearing Heels?

They are painful, they cause blisters, our skin gets torn and bloodied, it is a bitch when water hits the raw parts of the blisters and yet we grit our teeth and put them on the very next day. Why? Why must we wear heels? It is a pain that we often moan about. It is a question men constantly ask. “Why do you have to wear them if they hurt so much?”

Putting on these 4” babies, my height increases by a full 10cm. I am short no longer and am certainly a head taller than most people in my country. I feel this sense of empowerment overcome me, I am short no longer and people notice me more! When I speak, I am looking them straight in the eye, not from constantly craning my neck in order to look them in the eye for if I looked straight without heels I am simply speaking to a neck with no head.

Never mind that my feet are screaming to me in pain! Never mind that at the back of my mind, I know that my ankles are all messed up from burst blisters! For the sake of this newfound height and empowerment, the pain is well worth it. You might be thinking, “Okay, maybe it makes sense for a shorter person but what about the tall ones who still insist on wearing 6” heels?”

Let’s take a moment and think about the following:

Why do people want to live on the highest floor?

Why do we feel a sense of pride working at the higher floors of a building?

Why do we climb mountains?

Why do we reach out to the galaxy beyond this planet?

Because we want to reach higher grounds. We want to climb as high as we can travel far. Because the view from above is so much better and wouldn’t you say that you felt a sense of achievement when you reached the top of that mountain? Or when you looked out through your window and noticed how all the other buildings looked so short and small compared to yours?

I believe it’s the same theory. We feel better when we’re on top. So what if you’re 180cm? There will always be others who are taller than you. In a girl’s world, there’s a way to beat that: heels.

It perks our butts up, tones our calf muscles, keeps us on our toes all the time, makes us look tall, we generally feel so good in them that we are willing to overlook the fact that it literally alters the shape of our feet and hurts our backs. So yes, as a short person, I can understand and I do feel that I could do with the extra height but I think that it is important to send a gentle reminder out to my fellow heels-loving friends out there: take care of yourself.

We love to look good but the amount of damage we are doing to ourselves at the expense of looking good isn’t worth it. Not if you’re risking permanent leg damage, spraining your ankles, or worse breaking them from heels that are too high.

Do yourselves a favour and pick a pair of stable-looking shoes. Skip the stilettos for the next few days and give your feet some lovin’ for taking you everywhere your entire life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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