Maybe It’s Time To Stop Wanting Only The Things We Can’t Have

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For me, the boys I like usually fit somewhat into the same categories, the great looks, the contagious personality and the unattainable. Whether they’re unavailable emotionally or for some other reason, they aren’t for keeps.

As a rule, that makes me want them 100 times more.

I’ve dated so many perfectly good guys, who tick all the boxes and treat me well but I’m not interested. It gets old really quick and my lack of interest makes them want me more. Opposite ends of the spectrum attract.

I’ve thought about this and wondered why I never learn my lesson. I never listen to my logic or my friends when they tell me how reckless I’m being chasing guys who aren’t into me.

But i’ll swear this one is different and continue to pursue.

My conclusion is that I become wrapped in the web of addiction, sex, desire, temptation and infatuation. The thrill of trying to win the forbidden fruit takes hold of my mind and I’m not thinking rationally about the reality of it.

Chemistry is when my atoms like yours and it’s hard to defy science. Lust can feel as strong as falling in love even though it’s from a different bottle. That’s where the problem lies as we mistake the two.

In the end it rarely works out and you loose the time you’ve invested making the same mistake. The hard truth is that we were feeling it and the guy wasn’t, of course until we fall off their radar.

It’s ironic how when we lose interest he often pops up into our lives again. Then the flashbacks start, the great sex you had, the way he looked at you and the way he made you laugh.

Maybe it was real? Maybe he’s changed? Maybe he does like me?

Nine times out of 10 once you reciprocate, you’ll fall into the same trap, because your availability is no fun to him. Boys love the chase as much as we do.

If you play with fire, you’re going to get burnt, but the red flower looks so pretty to touch. Lust and love is blind, so remember that when someone acts like they don’t care, believe them.

Easy to say and hard to do but it’s a gift if someone who isn’t treating you with love and respect walks away from you.

Save the heartbreaks babe.

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