There’s Nothing Worse Than A Girl Who Acts Weak


All my life, I’ve been told and taught to be independent and responsible. Perhaps I am overly independent and absolutely hate to rely on others, that’s why when I see girls act all weak and whiny I get annoyed. Very annoyed.

I’ve met girls that make their male roommates carry their groceries because “it’s too heavy”, asking friends for favors in their ‘cute’ baby voices in every manual aspect without even lifting a finger to see if they themselves can manage it, and hanging out and flirting with other boys to get free drinks in clubs when they are in a relationship. But then they will be throwing a huge fit when their boyfriends do the same thing for other girls.

When I confronted a friend on her double standards, she gave a reply ridiculous enough to make me not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Because I am a girl!” she said, accompanying it with puppy eyes and a pout that was enough to put any Botoxed lips to shame.

Girl, let me tell you. Being a girl does not give you the excuse to ask everyone to do everything for you.

What you do is called being selfish. You CHOSE to have the mentality that you cannot change a light bulb. You CHOSE not to carry things you CHOSE to buy at the groceries store. I understand that guys like to help girls with things to prove their masculinity, and some girls like to be able to get that attention from guys, but this is going too far. You’ve slowly developed a deranged state of mind that makes you think that you’re weak and helpless and it is some how ATTRACTIVE.

This is not healthy. Is it not enough that we as females are born to be of smaller build than the opposite sex? Is it not enough that when threatened, we most probably cannot pin a guy down if we were to fight with them one on one? So why are you advocating for women to be weak?

When that guy comes over to you outside the bar when you are alone and takes your hand to tell you that you are cute and beautiful, you feel flattered, purr out a thanks and CHOSE to let him hold your hand and stayed there to indulge in an ego boosting session for yourself. But when he refuses to let go, you realized how weird things are starting to get, and how bad it will be if you can’t get out of this situation. Have you lost the ability to be alert because you are too caught up in sweet talk? Have you forgotten stranger danger because you crave the attention? Have you gone crazy?

I am not going to be cynic here and say that the world is filled with terrible people. But I will be realistic and say that if you choose to depict yourself as a fragile individual that cannot protect yourself, then you cannot expect others not to take advantage of it.

Girls, I’m not telling you to down those protein shakes and bulk up on those muscles, but I’m advising you to be more alert and learn how to watch over yourself. Learn how to say, “let me try it” first, before deciding, “I can’t do this”. Attention and recognition is good, but if you let it overpower all else, then it is a huge problem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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