34 People Share Their Painfully Awkward Student-Teacher Encounters

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1. Awkward, indeed!

Gym teacher was a short fat dude who wore really short shorts.

Saw his balls once.

That was weird.

2. Oh y’know, just hit a pregnant teacher in the stomach.

When I was in first grade I swung the bat before the gym teacher blew the whistle to do so while playing tee-ball. Turns out she was standing directly behind me and I wound up hitting her IN HER PREGNANT STOMACH. She cried, so I cried. Really horrible memory. It was a plastic bat so no damage was done, scared her more than anything. She actually wound up coming down to my class later in the day to talk to me because I felt so bad and was so upset about it. But yea I’ll never forget that. Follow instructions kids!

3. Any form of masturbation in school is a recipe for disaster…

Teacher here. Student started jerking it during silent reading once. That was pretty awkward.

4. Teachers just need to stop confiscating students’ phones.

Teacher here. Honestly, the most awkward situation I’ve ever been in with a student was whenever I had to take up a student’s phone because its text alert went off, and the background to his phone was nudes of a female student in one of my earlier classes. I had to send him to the office for that one. I was never comfortable around either of them again. Trust me.

5. Ah, the ol’ accidental ass brush.

The day I graduated High School, I asked my favorite teacher, who taught me Calculus my senior year, to take a picture with me. She was a beautiful Latina woman who was in her late 20’s, and packed heat in the titty and ass areas.

While posing for the picture, I tried to be smooth and put my hand around her waist. I accidentally ran my hand across her entire ass. I’m talking both cheeks and crack. I quickly put it on her waist and acted like nothing happened. God, how I miss Ms. Perez.

6. This sounds like a really bad soap opera.

Our Principal (male) got called out for screwing the Spanish teacher (female) by our vice principal (the principal’s best friend) in the Spanish teachers class while the Spanish teacher was teaching the class. Her son was one of her students in the class at the time and he fainted once he realized what was happening.

7. Another case in point for why teachers need to stop confiscating students’ phones.

I had my phone on my desk when the teacher handed back the midterms so we could look at them. She saw the phone on my desk as she recollected the midterm. She decided she needed to look through my phone to make sure that I didn’t take any pictures. While swiping through my camera roll, she saw a picture of me holding my dick while wearing nothing but a cape and a batman mask. She dropped my phone on my desk and that’s how I knew she saw THAT picture. She walked away and never made eye contact with me again.

8. It’s probably best to watch your mouth around your Mormon teacher.

6th grade, last week of school we went to the Rollerdrome. My buddy and I were standing on top of these benches dancing out to some song. We had a little crowd cheering us on so we were feeling pretty cocky, when I hear a female voice say from behind me, “looks like they have spiders in their pants.” Without looking or even thinking I said, “baby, I got more than that in my pants!” it happened like a scene in a fuckin movie. Right before I finished the music faded out and everybody in the building heard that lil’ gem. I thought it was pretty great until I noticed all my friends had blank stares and jaws open. I turn around to see who was on the receiving end of my pubescent charm. There stood my English teacher who happened to be the most Mormon Mormon who ever Mormon’d. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the last week of school clearing out classrooms for summer cleaning, while my class was having fun.

9. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

The worst teacher I ever had was in grade 3. We did not get along at all and I spent the vast majority of the year being punished for various infractions. It was a very dreadful year for both of us.

Fast forward 8 years or so. I did a lot of volunteer work with the severely disabled. One of the children I worked with had both autism and Down’s syndrome. He was extremely low functioning and generally hard to care for and get through to. One day as part of bus duty, I walked him to his front door and who should open the door but my third grade teacher. She looked at me, and goes “Oh, I remember you – you’re ____. You were in my class in grade three…” You could see the full memory hit her as her face drained of all color and she visibly gulped.

10. Again, why teachers shouldn’t meddle with students’ phones.

My professor has a policy of answering cell phones that rang in class. My mom, at the time, was changing her medications for very serious manic depression. She called me. He answered.

She then called him a jackass and demanded to know who he was. When he replied that he was my theatre professor, she started brutally quizzing him on Shakespearean theatre. Then, when he answered correctly, she said “OH FUCK. Well give my daughter this message.”

The message was a long, rambling story about a TV show she watched. Then she hung up without saying goodbye–practically in mid- word.

He silently handed the phone back to me.

That was the last phone he ever answered in class. Later students told me he would relate that particular bizarre experience to every class he taught. Ouch.

11. Some teachers really are just cruel for no reason.

I had a science teacher in middle school who was known for being strict. She was super intimidating. She also happens to live about two blocks away from me. One day my little sister and my dad were going around the neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies, and they got to her house. They rang the doorbell, and my teacher answered. She threatened to call the police because she didn’t believe that my sister was really a girl scout. Like she thought my dad kidnapped my little sister and brought her around the neighborhood selling cookies or something. She was strange.

12. This teacher sounds lonely…

In high school, as a creative portion for a book report, I tied up a Barbie’s arms and legs. After I handed it in, I caught our teacher lifting up the Barbie’s skirt and we made eye contact. A couple other people caught it though, so we gifted him a Barbie for his birthday as a joke.

13. Caught his teacher red-handed.

I was a senior, in a gym class with freshman/sophomores and caught the gym teacher checking out the talent. I looked at him and went, “You got 3 years Brian!” He always made sure I wasn’t watching him after that.

He’s almost 30. These girls are 14.

14. Almost too good to believe.

Had an erection in 9th grade biology. Teach thought it was my phone and grabbed it.

15. Well that’s an uncomfortable meeting with a teacher!

Junior year I was taking my third year in Spanish and not passing. While I was explaining this fact to the male teacher he was not so subtly rubbing his groin on the corner of his desk while pleading with me to stick with it.

Replaced the class with a study period that afternoon.

I’m male BTW.

16. The worst kind of eye contact you can have with a teacher…

I was taking a shit in a bathroom in a rarely used part of the school. The stall I was using was broken and couldn’t shut, so while I’m dropping my shit a teacher walks in pushes the door open makes eye contract then slowly backs out and waits. Worst part is I had him next class and every semester after.

17. I imagine it WOULD be awkward if you slept with your Spanish teacher.

I’m not going into great detail. But she was younger, I’d say 23 years old. I was 17 I think. We met at a Halloween party at a college campus. I look older for my age and she didn’t suspect I was a high school student. I ended up having sex with her 4 times in two days. Fast forward three months, I’m sitting in Spanish class the first day and in walks Ms. “Spanish teacher.” We had an awkward first day of class to say the least. We did end up banging out our differences up until I graduated and went into the army.

18. No. Just no.

He was talking about the Redskins and how the name was racist. Then made a weird analogy about the possibility Dallas team name was the “Niggers.”

Said it about 4 times. Got more awkward every time he said it.

19. And yes, I imagine it would be uncomfortable if your Spanish teacher blatantly hit on you.

I was constantly getting eye-fucked by a female Spanish teacher during my freshman year of high school. Luckily I was never in her class but I went to one of the Spanish club meetings that she led and her eyes never left me during the whole meeting. I never went back but ran into her on campus several times where she’d try to convince me to come back to the club. I ended up having to actively avoid her. It wasn’t all in my head since a number of other students remarked about it too. Later that year the rumors started flying about her and the football team.

I was way too shy and naive so the whole thing really freaked me out. Maybe I should have let her take advantage of me. She was definitely attractive, just in a “crazy eyes” sort of way.

20. What happens if you turn down your professor mid-way through the semester?

About halfway through the semester, one of my professors just straight up asked me out. I had to decline because I was seeing someone else at the time but even if I wasn’t, he was not my type at all. It was pretty creepy to me, and the rest of my time in that class was awkward as hell.

21. Some might say she had it coming…

My teacher bent down to pick up a pencil she dropped and I stood up to allow her some space, nope. Dick slap her with my boner so hard she reels back a little bit. Bricks were shat, bragging was done, detentions were served, smiles were smiled. She was a mid 20’s bombshell and this happened this last school year. I am 15 and I don’t think there will ever be a better school day.

22. WEIRD!

Walked in on my shop teacher with his arm around a freshman girl’s ass. It was even more awkward because she was enjoying it.

23. Why is it always the French teacher? Why????

I had sex with my high school French teacher the night of my graduation. The only thing that made it awkward was when I left her house I opened the door to her boyfriend, while she was walking down the staircase butt ass naked. I sprinted straight home. I live 25 blocks away and I drove to her house…

24. When an uncomfortable moment becomes an uncomfortable 3 minutes.

Had a problem with my laptop so teacher leaned over table to get a closer look at the screen. My hand was still on the mouse and her boob went over it and just squashed my hand.

Que 2-3 minutes of my hand touching her boob while she apparently didn’t care.

25. OK, he wins!

I got splinter in my ballsack at camp and a female teacher had to remove it.

26. Teacher draws dick on wall. Pandemonium ensues.

Just got to school to find everyone gathered just outside the classroom. Put my bag away and took a seat next to my buddies and listened to the principle go on about how someone kept graffiti-ing the new buildings with their “signature.” He gets up and draws a dick on the wall and says that he dares whoever’s doing it to continue so that they’ll find him.

27. Except we’ve all done this at one point in our lives, haven’t we?

Calling my teacher “mom” by accident in elementary school…

28. Didn’t think teachers could catch on this fast, did ya?

Back in ninth grade math, my teacher would just stamp our homework if it seemed complete or not stamp it if it seemed incomplete. I half assed the homework and he stamped it complete anyways so I said “Giggity” under my breath. My teacher, 35 and bald, proceeded to shout “GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO” right next to me. Fucking weird

29. Sounds like a creepy volleyball coach to me!

I had a volleyball coach who told me that he loved to watch me play because I “bend at the waist, not at the knees.” I was like, well, thanks for the pep talk, I’ll be going now.

30. But why?

I was doing rock climbing during PE. I was hanging between two points get ready to swing to the next ledge when the female teacher says “I’ve always knew you were pretty well hung….”

Right after that I just slowly climbed down the wall and felt really weird about it all.

31. Smooth operator.

I had to ask a teacher to sign a sheet for community service. After she signed it I realized I had to write something down on the paper and used the pen she used to do it. Of course I’m super awkward around teachers and lacked the attention span to remember where she found the pen so I attempted to put it back by dropping it in those empty mugs that people use to hold pens. The mug was actually her coffee mug.

32. Nice going, kid!

In my 10th grade English class we had to use one of those online pretest websites to study for the final. To take the tests you had to make a username and password but if you forgot the teacher could just look them up. I was one of the students who forgot their password so I went up to ask my teacher to figure it out. He found my account and pressed the show password button and then BIGBLACKDICK popped up on the screen. I laughed awkwardly and then returned to my computer. Good times.

33. Being overweight in high school is hard.

I’ve always been a fat girl. I had to get a bra in second grade. Made the wrong decision of getting a strapless bra… the looks the teacher gave me when she saw my adjusting my bra in her second grade class… omg, the cringe reaction I get is too much to bear.

Then there was the time in 3rd grade when my teacher told me in front of the entire class that I “didn’t need a second donut.”

Then I shit myself in the line for the bathroom in the mall of america or some shit during the 5th grade trip to Washington, DC and the teachers had to throw my pants away and buy me donkey/elephant boxers because my ass was too huge for anything else there.

You can see why I dropped out of school…

34. A French teacher intent on squashing stereotypes!

My class got a new female French teacher from France and on her first day she asked everyone what their misconceptions were about French people. One of my friends asked her if French people were all hairy, so she took off her top to reveal a very thin tank top that she then proceeded to show off her stomach, arm pits, back, parts of her chest, legs etc. All to prove that she wasn’t hairy and it was only a stereotype for men. She was a great teacher. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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