30 Construction Workers Of Reddit Share Their Stories Of Building Secret Rooms And Hidden Compartments For Clients

20. This guy might be living inΒ Being John Malkovich?

I once built a whole level of a room that was half the size of the others. It was a half room, I don’t know why they wanted a half room, but it was not accessible with stairs, and the only way to get there was by stopping the elevator.

21. This guy got away with living in a hidden, 4-bedroom condo for a year.

Some years back I lived in a pub in the UK. It had previously had a floor, which was dedicated accommodation for staff – which was then condemned by the fire inspector.

The owners sealed up the staircase/doors to this floor.

I cut a passage to it from my bedroom and had a hidden 4-bedroom condo in the west end of London for about a year.

Then it went horribly wrong…

22. This guy has a secret sex dungeon. Because, why not?

Wife and I had a secret, soundproof “sex dungeon” type room built adjacent to our bedroom. The reason for the room is that we have various devices in there that are impractical to disassemble and put away when we have friends over (or the day we have kids and still want to enjoy our fun discreetly).

We had some devices installed when we built the room, such as a large metal cage and other restraining devices. The people who built the room probably asked us a hundred times if we were sure we didn’t plan to abduct people. The architect nearly dropped the project when I jokingly asked him to make sure there’d be an electric outlet to plug a chainsaw.

23. Big-shot CEO needed a big-shot way to smoke his weed.

I used to work construction over the summers in high school and within just a few miles of where I grew up there are 20,000+ square foot homes…anyways this one client (who was pretty well know for being a CEO of a large corporation) requested a secret self-contained smoking room. Complete with secret entrance, a bathroom, cedar paneling, self-contained heat and A/c, and an industrial sized smoke-eater. Along with hideaway shelving that would store an endless amount of mason jars full of pot. Also has some crazy vaporizer as well. He would have meetings upstairs in his underwear and robe whole being high as f**k.

24. Just a secret room for girls to get urinated on! Why do you ask?

One time we converted part of the basement into a “piss dungeon,” where young girls would be urinated on again and again by older men. Why attractive young women submit themselves to this stuff willingly is beyond me, but then again I don’t really understand BDSM and dom/sub.



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