35 People Reveal The Biggest Secret They’re Currently Keeping From Their Significant Others

Found on AskReddit.

1. An eating disorder.

I have an eating disorder that I’ve been fighting alone for about 5 years. He thinks I’m just naturally really skinny.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve admitted this publicly. It feels kind of good.

2. He can’t have kids.

My wife and I have 3 beautiful kids. I recently found out I’ve been sterile all my life.

3. True feelings about their finances.

Our finances are far from “OK” and we’ve been living on my savings for a while. He really needs to get a job, or I’m not sure what will happen. I haven’t told him because he’s really been putting in a lot of effort and becoming slowly depressed that he can’t find a job – I don’t want to make it worse.

4. What actually happened when her boyfriend hooked up with her roommate.

My boyfriend slept with my roommate right before we started dating. He still doesn’t know this but she got pregnant and had an abortion.

5. Running a porn aggregator website.

My girlfriend thinks that I used my savings to pay for her fake boobs. In reality, I used the profits from my porn aggregator website which she has no idea about.

6. Bought a rather large purchase.

I just bought a Dodge Viper and I haven’t told the wife yet. It will be shipped to the house in a week.

7. Her traumatizing past.

Someone molested me after every Girl Scout meeting when I was in second grade. And I don’t have a clue who it was. The leader’s son…or daughter…or the leader…or another girl scout… I don’t have a clue. But that’s why I can’t ever be in a bathroom with someone else and I always push him out when I’m doing something as simple as brushing my teeth.

8. True feelings about sports.

I am starting to absolutely hate sports because I’m tired of being frightened by his maniacal screaming.

9. An immature habit.

I’m 22 and still suck my thumb. We have been together 3+ years.

10. Mental illness.

The reason I need to be alone a lot is that I have Tourette’s; I can only keep my tics under control for so long.

11. Not exactly ready to be a father.

I am SCARED SHITLESS about the little surprise my girlfriend and I got two weeks ago. So far I’ve been pretty successful in maintaining a confident, tuff guy exterior, (“Don’t worry babe, I’ll get an interview any day now, everything will be fine”, ect). But in reality, I am woefully unprepared to be a parent. I just dug myself out of the deepest depression of my life not even two months ago. I barely make 40k a year (interview is for a better job, just finished my bachelors). I’m still a child myself- I have no idea how I’m going to raise one of my own with any success.

As far as she knows, though, I’ve totally got this under control, no problem.

12. Mental stability.

That my depression is much, much wore than he knows, and I’m very close to either checking into a mental hospital or doing something unbelievably stupid and hurtful.

13. A gross habit.

I pick my nose and eat it. I have my whole life.

14. His secret fetish.

She has no idea I wear panties (not hers) when she is gone. I know, I sound like a sick f*ck but I love wearing and sleeping in them. I’ve even gone out to run errands while wearing them. I buy them online and arrange for delivery so they arrive as soon as she leaves early during the week of her business travel. I can’t explain my addiction to wearing the panties, but I know I love it.

15. His porn preference.

Horse porn.

16. That she knows more than he thinks she does.

Ctrl +F (my husband’s user name).

17. That she might pass out, and very soon too.

I just ripped a toxic fart. It was quiet, but I’m sure that by the time I hit ‘save’ it will have made its way across the couch and creeped into her nostrils. Either I will be alone on this couch in a minute, or I’ll have a corpse for company.

18. Sexual past.

That I have made out with two men.

19. That he compares her to his exes.

I think her vagina is loose compared to previous girlfriends.

20. The precautions he plans to take for his cancer.

I have terminal cancer, my SO knows this, what she doesn’t know is that before things get very bad for me and she has to see that, I will already have taken my own life to spare her that pain.

21. He hates their sex life.

It’s been a few years now… every day we don’t have sex, I die a little on the inside.

22. He’s not sure he made the right choice marrying her.

I love my wife completely and would give my life to save hers, but I’m still pretty sure my girlfriend from many years ago was my soul mate. I broke it off with her to protect her from my own personal problems and have always been haunted by it. Every day since then has felt as though I’m living someone else’s life. It’s a good, happy life but I feel like I zigged when the script called for me to zag and now the movie is one big ad-lib.

23. His real job.

I started dating my fiancée right before my first deployment. I went through three tours. I proposed the day after my honorary discharge. She was applying to med schools at that time and still had serious student loans. I still had some from my undergrad before I enlisted. Then the economy tanked hardcore. I was unemployed for four months and things were looking bad for us.

Anyway, I made a phone call to a recruiter for a private security firm. Given my service history and the unit I was with, they jumped on the chance to fly me in for an interview and a week long evaluation. I told my fiancée that I was re-enlisting.

That was two years ago. Since then, I have worked for this firm in Iraq, Afghanistan, several African nations, and have run personal security for people in the Middle East and in South America. As far as she knows, I am active duty US military in a non-combat logistics role. In the meantime, I have made enough money to pay off our student debts, to cover med school, and to have a good amount invested. We’re not rich, but we’re going to be okay.

24. An addiction.

I have a wicked pill addiction and I’m high on painkillers 80% of the time. It’s been over a year.

25. An STI.


26. Her past.

I used to be a man.

27. An odd habit.

Every penny in our house. All the pennies in the change drawer. EVERY. PENNY. FOR. YEARS. Has been up my ass. For confidence!

28. Masturbation habits.

Fap furiously to anything and everything.

29. That he’s secretly a father.

My ex girlfriend and I had a baby that we gave up for adoption. She was pregnant when we broke up, unbeknown to both of us (at least to me, she says she didn’t know but I suspect she did and let it sabotage our relationship, but I can’t be sure). I’ve been dating a different girl for a few months and I don’t know if this is something I need to tell her or if it’s even a big deal. She’s the first girl I’ve been somewhat serious about since the ex. My ex and I haven’t spoken in years and the baby is several states away.

30. A conversation with a friend.

That my best guy friend has just confessed that he’s in love with me, and I’m now completely confused about how to handle the situation.

31. Drug abuse.

That I used to be a heroin junkie and OD’d less than a year ago. That’s something no one knows. I hid it well.

32. Not into her.

Broke up with her a few hours ago, but before that, the secret was that I wasn’t really into her. She was attractive, and the sex was fantastic, but she was a bit of a bore, and not really my type of person. During the six months we were together I always knew it was going to end, but my dick and my cowardice kept things going. She didn’t take the breakup too well, and now I feel like a huge asshole. The silver lining is that I’m re-evaluating some of my relationship habits, so hopefully this won’t happen again.

33. Sexual experience.

Yeah, um, my boyfriend thinks I’m a virgin.

34. That he’s not entirely gay.

He doesn’t know that I’m also into women. And I don’t plan to tell him…. I wouldn’t mind having sex with another couple myself, but have no interest in seeing my boyfriend playing with a chick I’m into.

35. His preference for women’s clothes.

Well when I was going out with her, I never told her I cross-dress recreationally. :/ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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