29 Men Share Their Most Feminine Quality

Found on AskReddit.

1. Eyebrow plucking.

I regularly pluck my eyebrows—not because pain is the price of beauty, but because otherwise I’d have a wicked unibrow.

2. Baking.

I love baking. I don’t care if people say it’s for girls or whatever. You can go suck a fuck while I eat a delicious lemon drizzle cake.

3. Style of sitting.

I tend to cross my legs over each other a lot. Feels feminine, but comfortable. A little more comfortable than the foot on the knee position.

4. Overly emotional.

Whenever I get in arguments or fights I just can’t stop myself from tearing up and crying, I just get so damn emotional.

5. Liking Lana Del Ray.

I love Lana Del Rey, I listen to her all the time in my car when going to work or other places. Not many people know about it because I’m scared they’ll make fun of me. I’ve even kept it secret from my Wife.

6. His ass.

My ass. It’s fucking gorgeous.

7. Needing to love someone to have sex with him/her.

I will only have sex with someone I love, and I fucking love cuddling.

8. Penchant for Gilmore Girls.

I can sing the Gilmore Girls theme song from memory, and pretty well. I make up harmonies for it.

9. Complimenting other guys on their looks.

I’m straight and am more than comfortable complimenting men on their physique, in front of my wife.

10. Peeing style.

I pee sitting down. I am a disgrace.

11. Taking a long time to get ready.

I change multiple times until I settle on an outfit I like before going out. It makes me late to work pretty much every day.

12. Having a girly voice.

6’4 manly looking man, but dear god, when I get startled I scream like 4-year-old girl. Hands in the air shaking, look of terror, the works.

Also get really high pitched in arguments, which results in the argument ending due to everyone creasing over.

13. Enjoying frolicking.

I just like skipping about on my way to things, arms flailing like I’m running through a flock of lollipops. It gets my heart pumping.

14. A penchant for Justin Timberlake.

I love Justin Timberlake. That bliss falsetto is just heart-warming. Maybe that’s feminine to say, but at least I can admit it.

15. Having stuffed animals.

I have a basket of stuffed animals. A bunch of them have names.

16. His choice in music.

Liking Taylor Swift.

17. Liking candles.

I really like candles. All my friends make fun of me for it but they just smell so damn good.

18. His hygiene habits.

I quite carefully manicure my fingernails. Trim, shape, smooth & buff to a high shine. I have a thing for nails on the ladies too. None of the freaky weird polish & attachments crap, but nice, long neat nails.

19. A knack for dancing.

I can move my hips better than a Brazilian stripper, though the skill only rears its sexy head under the influence of much alcohol and coaxing on behalf of the intrigued ladies of the room.

20. His overall look.

I’ve got hair almost to my nipples and my ears are pierced.

The amount of times I’ve been mistaken for a girl is too damn high.

21. Moisturizing.

Lotion, and not just on my dick. I was watching a Bill Burr special where he joked about how white people never use lotion. I wanted to see what the big deal was. I’ve never looked back.

22. Sensitivity.

I’m kind of sensitive, but at 6`6, and a voice deeper than James Earl Jones, It’s probably the last thing you’d think I’d be.

23. His demeanors.

I’m really bad at waving and have been told I do it like a little girl.

24. His porn preference.

I prefer porn with a plot.

25. His reaction to seeing a bunny.

I squeal “bunny!” in a very high pitch voice whenever I spot a bunny.

26. Shaving habits.

I shave my legs and armpits…feels so much better!

27. His fantasies.

Sometimes I think about just cuddling with girls I like.

28. Preferring baths over showers.

I don’t take showers. Honestly I probably take 6 a year. The rest of the time? Baths. And ohhh how I love relaxing in a nice hot bath. I even buy bubbles. Everyone sees them and assumes it’s for my wife. Nope.

29. Liking drama.

I fucking love hearing about drama other people are involved with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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