37 People On Celebrities Who Acted Like Total D-Bags

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Found on AskReddit.

1. Robert De Niro

My dad was in a restaurant, which was owned by a friend of his. Robert De Niro came in and demanded a specific table, the one my dad was eating at. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so the owner kicked De Niro out. – evelution

2. Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, called me a “fucking fool” in a mix-up over a door that we both tried to enter at the same time. I smiled at him and said, “Hello Mr. Yeltsin”. That made him even angrier. – Ezterhazy

3. John Mayer

John Mayer grew up in my hometown. We learned guitar from the same person. After John Mayer started getting some publicity and local fame, our teacher proudly put up a John Mayer poster in his practice room/office. He was so proud of “Johnny,” and talked about his progress while beaming at any opportunity. It was like his son had just graduated from Yale. Anyway, one day, John comes in, sees the poster, and, long story short, tells THE MAN WHO TAUGHT HIM GUITAR that he can’t use his face for advertisement without his permission, and threatens legal action. – terrag0110

4. Frank Sinatra

My dad once saw Frank Sinatra in concert. At the concert a lady yells “I love you frank” (or something like that) and Sinatra replies “shut up ya filthy bitch.” – Taco_Farmer

5. Eddie Murphy

Once met Eddie Murphy, told him I liked Shrek, he replied with: “I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder.” – UserEighteen

6. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps came to our pool for a photo-shoot once. He was incredibly snarky and pretentious. But I guess that goes without saying. – tehgreatiam

7. Regis Philbin

I was working cleaning Regis Philbin’s pool. He belittled me, yelled at me, and acted like a douche the whole time. At one point he asked me if I was thirsty, and before I could answer he yelled WELL YOU CAN’T HAVE MY LEMONADE and sat down in a chair, drinking lemonade, and watched me work. Complaining that I wasn’t fast enough the entire time. – melthornal

8. Fred Durst

The year I worked event security (yeah, it was brief), Fred Durst grabbed one of my colleagues and threw him against the wall for being in his backstage personal bubble or something. – alltherobots

9. Scarlett Johannson

My best friends mother is a flight attendant on private airplanes and jets and she got to meet a lot of celebrities. Apparently the brattiest and most spoiled one she met in her 15 years has been Scarlett Johansson. – theyaoguai

10. Bryant McKinnie

I’ve posted this before, but I was a waiter at a decent restaurant at the Mall of America, and Bryant McKinnie from the Vikings came in with a huge group of people. Not only did he demand to be seated immediately when we were on an hour-long wait, he sent back like 3 drinks and refused to pay for them. When all was said and done, his bill was $197. I walked over to the table after they left, and saw some crisp $100’s on the table, and thought it was all worth it. Nope. He left me $200. A $3 tip on a $197 bill. He made like $7 million that year. – TheBredditor

11. Tom Seaver

I sat next to Tom Seaver at a baseball game when I was 10 years old and when I asked for his autograph he yelled at me and moved his seat…I forever dislike him now. – ruff0214

12. Jared Leto

I went to see 30 seconds to mars a few years ago, and got front row tickets. The band was autographing things after the show, so I waited in line. They all talked amongst themselves as they absentmindedly signed autographs. When I got to Jared Leto (vocalist), I said “Hey, that was a great show!” He responded, “I signed your shit, now fuck off!” – iplaysthedrums

13. Rihanna

My coworker won free tickets and backstage passes to see Rihanna about a year after they were first playing “Umbrella” on the radio. When her kids finally got the chance to go meet Rihanna, she was sitting at her makeup booth and refused to face them, or even look at them. When they asked for her autograph, she told the closest backup dancer to forge it for them and shoo’d them away. The kids were heartbroken and they went home and threw all of her CD’s away. Now, they can’t even listen to her songs on the radio—they always change the station. – Abra-Used-Teleport

14. Edward Norton

Edward Norton is a flaming pile of shit. I’m friends with his nephew and when I met him, it was at their family reunion a few years back and I tried to shake his hand, along with the four other people I was meeting at that moment. He wouldn’t shake my hand and was insanely rude to his family all night. – Ninmir

15. James Franco

I had a friend who met James Franco on a school trip to a university in Asheville NC where he spends a lot of time apparently picking up freshman girls. He went up to one of the girls in the group and, without even saying hello, asked how old she was and if she wanted to meet up with him away from the group. When she said she had a boyfriend, he simply said, “Well I guess this conversation is over” and walked away. – velocicunt

16. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld came into the movie theatre I manage one time. My boss had us open up early specifically for him, he was allowed to have any concession items he wanted for free, and he wasn’t even asked to pay to rent the theatre or anything. While I wouldn’t say he acted like an ass, he certainly wasn’t very personable. Though there was one comment he made that I thought was kind of tactless; as he was getting out of his movie and about to leave, we asked him to sign a couple posters for Bee Movie we had upstairs and he said to the guys with him something along the lines of “I only made X million dollars from this movie or something right?” (I don’t remember exactly how much he said). – ninjapirate89

17. T-Pain

Not me, but my cousin was an intern at a music producing company in New York, and T-Pain was recording that day. My cousin was using the coffee machine, and T-Pain walks up and says, “You be making coffee while I be making money mothafucka.” – noahp11

18. Lupe Fiasco

I didn’t meet him, but I saw this dude act up from a distance. I was working at my local Walmart as a cart pusher several years ago, and I remember I noticed Lupe Fiasco and his entourage about to leave the store. He had a bunch of stuff outside of bags, so the door greeters are told to check the receipts. Lupe went OFF on the door greeter (an old lady) and said “IM FUCKING RICH. I DONT NEED TO FUCKING STEAL, THIS IS BULLSHIT” Some huge dude he was with tried to rip the receipt out of her hands. 4 dudes from Asset Protection came and basically told Lupe to get the fuck out of the store and how they don’t care who the fuck he was. They were going to call the cops. – RenegadeX28

19. Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

I met Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus when they came to speak at my school. Billy Ray was super nice. He shook my hand, gave me a hug, and talked some small talk with me. Miley, on the other hand, was exactly like what you would think she was. She refused to shake hands, talk to me, sighing and rolling her eyes at me and her dad. Typical teenage spoiled brat behavior. How can your dad be so nice but you are a fucking bitch? – I_PISS_HAIR

20. Russell Crowe

I met Russell Crowe at a hotel/restaurant I worked in. A little while later he came back and smacked my co-worker upside the head with the landline telephone he’d ripped out of the wall in his room, because it wasn’t working properly. Russell Crowe got arrested, went on Letterman and apologized, and settled out of court with my pal for about $100G. – PX_This

21. Bill Cosby

When I worked at a casino during my college days Bill Cosby stayed there and acted like a complete asshole to everyone that had to run room service on him, including my ex. The least nasty thing he did was not tip a soul, but he was pretty persistent in speaking down to everyone, snapping his fingers at people and also doing the finger jab into people’s chests while he was giving ‘instructions’ on stupid shit like how he wanted his food arranged on his plates. Fuck Bill and his jello. – breez80

22. Shia LaBeouf

I met Shia LaBeouf, I went up to him and asked him if he was Shia because my sister recognized him. He stands up tells me to get the fuck away from him and walks away. Paparazzi really messed him up. – lagginpanda

23. Pete Wentz

Not what I’d call a celebrity, but Pete Wentz broke my friend’s phone a couple years ago. My friend was texting someone, didn’t even notice the douchebag, and he comes storming up to her, grabs the phone and smashes it to the ground, snarls something about how it’ll be her face next. My friend was a fangirl, so she was pretty upset about it, too. – rezklein

24. Kristen Bell

I was at the USA vs Australia basketball game during the olympics, Kristen Bell sat down next to me and my brother, and told us we were “total assholes for cheering loudly.” – saved_by_the_bell

25. Adam Levine

I (unfortunately) met Adam Levine. I catered for him at a concert. So far, he has been the most ungrateful, douchiest asshole I have ever met. – admiralkittens

26. Pink

I lived in Venice beach and right across from my apartment is a great little coffee shop called Zeldas. This was like 8am-ish on a saturday morning. Usually if I wanted to go out and go for a skate (skateboard) I’d have to get up really early to skate up and down the beach walk as to avoid the usual tourists that would flood the area on the weekends. Before I did I usually went and got a coffee. So I’m waiting in line and in comes Pink with her entourage and she looks like a total mess. Obvious late night, coke still caked around her nostrils, the whole 9 yards. she cuts to the front of the line and demands a latte. I make the comment, “Wow, really” to which she turns and says to me, “Do you know who I am? like I have to wait in line with you people.” She gets her coffee and leaves. – Rozo-D

27. Jennifer Lopez

I saw J-Lo in the Bronx, she was with Ben Affleck and some other people in a Bodega. A teenage girl asked for her autograph and she said no. The girl said “Fuck you, your music is whack anyway.” J-Lo turned to the other people and said, “that’s why i don’t like coming back to this shithole.” – RedOtkbr

28. Busta Rhymes

A friend of mine met Busta Rhymes at the airport. He just went and said Hi, and he liked his music. “Get the Fuck away from me” was the response. Busta is known as one moody Jamaican though, so I shouldn’t be surprised. – BadPAV3

29. Tobey Maguire

My father is the president of a major security company here in New York and they were hired to work security for the filming of Spiderman, not sure which one I think 2. A couple of the guard’s excitement got the best of them and asked Tobey Maguire for some photos and signatures. I don’t know if it was a long hard day in the salt mines (read “acting”) but he continued to throw the end all be all of shit storms that stuck up spoiled rotten sweet sixteeners have wet dreams about. He ended up getting like 6 guys fired. – I_can_be_racist_too

30. Shia LaBeouf

Not my story, but girlfriend worked as an intern on Regis and Kelly when Transformers was coming out. Her fellow intern had the responsibility of shadowing Shia LaBeouf in the morning, getting him coffee, showing him around, etc. He had to follow LaDouche out back because he wanted to have a smoke, and the intern tried making small talk instead of standing around awkwardly. Fucking Even Steven says to him all mega-diva style “we don’t have to talk,” turns his back on him, and smokes his cigarette in silence. – buggerboo

31. Julian Casablancas

I saw Julian Casablancas in Chicago and asked if he’d take a picture with me. He asked if he wanted me to have him suck my dick too. : / – Erktizz

32. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson broke my dad’s phone, then immediately after threw his coffee in a girl’s face. – AppleBlossom63

33. Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend from The Who called me a cunt. I was working tech support for a studio tech company and I had to tell him on the phone that we couldn’t get out to fix his Mac for two days. That was when he called me a cunt and hung up. It was immensely gratifying to see the G5 Mac I sold him being hauled out of his house in Richmond upon Thames three weeks later by the Police. He was being investigated for kiddie porn. – inactionman2004

35. Jean-Claude Van Damme

My old boss used to work at a restaurant under Wolfgang and while there Jean-Claude Van Damme came in to eat. He apparently talked down to a waiter about how he would never amount to anything. The waiter, after serving his food, told the manager he is sorry and quit. Apparently he pissed in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s soup and waited until he ate all of it and told him. – Eris_the_white

36. Natalie Portman, Philipe Seymour Hoffman, Paz De La Huerta and Scott Disick

I’ve met quite a few working in TriBeCa in New York (a lot of celebrities live there), and these were the worst: Natalie Portman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paz De La Huerta, and Scott Disick. – holyvinyl

37. Justin Bieber

I had a makeup artist once who said she did Justin Bieber’s makeup for a shoot the week before and he was an awful little shit and kept breaking things because he liked to break things. And he was also a pretentious asshole to the makeup artist, she said he was the worst person she has ever met. – furrycatpoop Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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