24 Little-Known Seinfeld Cameos That Will Blow Your Mind


1. Marcia Cross as Sara Sidarides, Jerry’s love interest in the final season, episode 9, “The Slicer”


2. Kathy Griffin as Sally Weaver, Jerry’s nemesis, in the final season, episode 13, “The Cartoon”


3. Jon Favreau as Eric the Clown in season 5, episode 19, “The Fire”


4. Jeremy Piven as Michael Barth (George) in season 4, final episode, “The Pilot”


5. Catherine Keener as Jerry’s girlfriend in season 3, episode 21, “The Letter”


6. A 22-year-old Denise Richards as the 15-year-old daughter of Russell in season 4, episode 16, “The Shoes”


7. Larry David as a man in a cape in season 6, episode 4, “The Chinese Woman”


8. Amanda Peet as a waitress Jerry picks up in season 8, episode 22, “The Summer of George”


9. Megan Mullally plays George’s girlfriend in season 4, episode 19, “The Implant”


10. Jennifer Coolidge as a masseuse and Jerry’s girlfriend in season 5, episode 9, “The Masseuse”


11. Janeane Garofalo as Jerry’s hero in season 7, episode 24, “The Invitations”


12. Marisa Tomei says George is her type in season 7, episode 14 and 15, “The Cadillac”


13. Molly Shannon as Elaine’s co-worker in season 8, episode 22, “The Summer of George”


14. Lauren Graham as Jerry’s girlfriend in season 8, episode 20, “The Millenium”


15. Brad Garrett as Tony the mechanic in season 7, episodes 21 and 22, “The Bottle Deposit”


16. Kristin Bauer van Straten as Jerry’s new fling who happens to have man hands in season 8, episode 3, “The Bizarro Jerry”


17. Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston as Dr. Tim Whatley, Jerry and Kramer’s dentist, in season 6, episode 19, “The Jimmy”


18. Frasier‘s Jane Leeves as Marla, Jerry’s date, in season 4, episode 10, “The Virgin”


19. Kramer is star-struck and awkward when he sees Fred Savage (playing himself) in LA in season 4 episode 1, “The Trip”


20. Debra Messing as the crying girl in season 7, episode 23, “The Wait Out”


21. Daniel Dae Kim as a medical student in season 9, episode 16, “The Burning”


22. Lisa Edelstein as George’s girlfriend in the first episode of season 5, “The Mango”


23. Clint Howard as a car hijacker in the first episode of season 4, “The Trip”


24. Rob Schneider as Elaine’s colleague and partially-deaf in season 7, episode 18, “The Friar’s Club”

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