21 People Convicted of Pedophilia, Murder And Rape Share Their Disturbing Stories

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1. DeadlyToaster

I assaulted many people at night. There was a lot of rape happening along the paths that follow the river through my town. I used to watch Dark Knight and do drugs and then go out looking for trouble. I got into a very serious altercation where the guy was essentially ready for me. I hit him in the face with a big branch and pushed him into the river, but he was following this girl for about half an hour. I watched and waited patiently.

2. massive_cock

I met a girl when I was 14 and stayed with her til 20. Something happened to her that changed her personality after a year together. I eventually learned she had been raped by the HVAC guy while her parents were a few hours away on business. I tracked him down and hospitalized him. Not comfortable saying more, because it was severe and I was never caught. The end.

3. alexm42

I once beat the crap out of my neighbor for bullying my brother and being overly sexual to my 10 year old sisters. He had 4 inches and 40 pounds on me and I still won. He went to the hospital, I went home to tell my dad what happened. Got high fives and taken out for ice cream.

4. obviousthrowaway1211

Someone raped a female friend of mine, and she wouldn’t go to the police about it. (The guy was drunk and forced himself on her, she doesn’t drink).

Caught the guy from behind one night by chance and beat and kicked the shit out of him, took his wallet, and left. (Lived in a bad area at the time, a guy getting mugged late at night was nothing more than a statistic. I figured a completely random beating might have drawn more attention).

I later found out that he’d done the same thing to at least one other woman. I have zero regrets, beyond not thinking enough to aim for his genitals more. I’m pretty sure I’d have a lot more trouble sleeping at night if I’d done nothing.

5. ikilledadrifter

I killed a man named Frank in 1987. He was a hitchhiker that I picked up in Utah. He asked me to pull the car over, so he could go to the bathroom. I had been feeling uncomfortable about him leading up to that, I suspect he sensed that. When I pulled over, he pulled out a knife and told me to get out of the car. I don’t know why I didn’t get out, but I lunged for the knife. He stabbed me in my left arm. I grabbed the knife with my right hand and put my forearm across his neck, like a choke hold. He spat in my eye. I sliced his throat, it was reactionary. Fast. I was reeling back from the spit. It was all so fluid really. I was back in the drivers side as he grabbed his throat and began flailing around. He reached out to me. It was too dark to see what expression he had, but I kicked him back against the passanger side door and held him there with my legs until his body went limp. After what seemed like 2 hours, I dragged him out of the car and drove off.

6. TomTheScouser

My cousin was almost raped by a taxi driver. The same taxi driver is in a wheelchair now.

Edit: For those wondering how, I saw him in a local, waited outside till he came out, and called my friend to come and run him over. My only regret is that he is still alive.

7. Trowaweh

I killed a man. I have no regrets, I was never caught and in the same situation I’d do it again because I honestly believe it was him or me. He tried to mug me, I didn’t let him, he got violent. When he pulled a knife I decided it was all or nothing so…yeah. He died. I didn’t care but I got away from the scene. I felt no guilt and I still don’t but I was terrified about being caught. It probably went down as just another drugged-up scumbag getting his comeuppance.

I broke his hand, crushed his throat, managed to get him over my shoulder so he fell head first onto the kerb and kicked his sternum until it broke. I suppose that might have crushed his heart or something. Could have been the head versus ground thing too. I honestly don’t care. He attacked, he had a weapon, I protected myself. One less asshole at large.

More manslaughter than murder but whatever. I killed him and I sleep easy at night.

8. icy_idiot

When I was an adolescent I synthesized methamphetamine regularly. I obtained precursors, reagents and glassware from my school’s chemistry lab (I was the TA) and used online message boards to learn the synthesis method (did small scale red white and blue reaction). I also dealt drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, mushrooms, and marijuana). I travelled abroad numerous times, returning to the states each time with lots of hash for personal use and reselling. What can I say? I thought I was clever, and was incredibly fucking stupid. I’m immensely grateful that I never got in trouble. Now I’m a mostly law abiding student and moderately successful artist.

9. Township_Rebellion

I’ve Killed.

  • 4 Women
  • 6 Men
  • 3 Children, 2 boys and 1 girl

Participated in multiple seize and detains along with a few dozen detainee interrogations. All while in “service” to my country. Only the girl was an accident.

While “serving” my country a very close female friend of mine was raped, vaginally and anal with sever tearing. Once I returned to the states, it took nearly a year to find out who he was, his numbers, where he lived, where his family lived, past girlfriends and female acquaintances. All while keeping my friend from knowing I was inquiring about him and to keep from looking suspicious. Mainly via social engineering and one verbal/physical threat. During this I found out he had raped three other women, one of those during the year I was gathering information on him.

Once I’d gathered enough information on him and his habits I broke into his residence and waited for him to come home. When he came in I choked him till unconsciousness, zip-tied his arms and legs. When he came to, I told him this was for the women he raped. I had him leave a voice mail on his cell phone stating “He had raped four women who had trusted him”. I then forwarded the voice mail to everyone on his phone. Including his family, some co-workers, female friends and his male friends.
I then proceeded to gag him and break his left leg at the ankle, knee and hip. And his right arm at the wrist, elbow and shoulder with an s baton.

I then dragged him to his bathroom tossed him in the tub removed the zip-ties and gag and left his phone by the front door. I left walked about a block away and drove home.

He now uses a cane to hobble around, his right arm is near useless, his family disowned him, he became shunned by everyone he knows and many he doesn’t. Word of what happened filtered to the four girls he raped. About a year ago he contacted my friend on Facebook to apologize for what he did and to seek forgiveness. She told him to fuck off and he didn’t get nearly what he deserved.

10. metapickachu

Not a throwaway, I’m a bit of a pedophile, I am physically attracted to children, I’m pretty much attracted to any female from the ages of about 8 to 50-ish. I’ve come to accept this and just refuse to act upon my urges.

Edit: Why am I getting so many upvotes for this?

11. creepythrow

I’m a pedophile. Things were tough for me as a teenager. I fell for a 3 year old (didn’t do anything about it, but the feelings were there). I was horribly awkward and uncomfortable around not only girls my own age, but older little girls as well. Everyone loathes pedophiles unconditionally, and I started to feel really evil even though I’d never acted on it. I became severely depressed. Contemplated suicide, but happened to find a community of people like me. They accepted me for who I was. It was like a cult, but I’d never felt so accepted and welcome for who I was in my life. Despite the fact that, in practice, I believed that it was wrong for me to engage in ‘acting out’ any of my desires, I began to believe that adult/child relationships were a positive and beautiful thing, if only in theory and unfettered by the sticky unspoken social rules of society. I began to befriend people that were actively engaged in relationships with children, and I did nothing to stop it. In fact, my words empowered it. Eventually I went on to lead a site like this. I broke free eventually, finally realizing in a moment of clarity that these poor girls lives were being destroyed. It didn’t matter if it was the person or society that instigated the damage, it was done. I loved little girls, and couldn’t bear to be a part of seeing them hurt.

12. Dartbeans

I’m an arsonist. 2 years ago me and a buddy of mine went into an abandoned k-mart and had a bonfire. All was well at first until a couple boxes lit on fire, then the walls lit on fire, then the pallets. We ran and never went back. I’m pretty sure it was on the news, but it wasn’t too major. I drive by the wreckage every day on the way to school, and it haunts me to this day. The only people that know are me and my friend.

13. i_just_like_fire

I’m an arsonist, haven’t destroyed anything in years now. I stick to bonfires and just burning junk I find.

In my real arson days, I burned down 2 abandoned houses,1 lived in house(reason I stopped),8 cars and started 2 moderately sized grassy areas. I enjoyed and still enjoy fire, I never harmed anyone but I know it was wrong.

The house that was lived in was a fired that got away from me, it was obvious in hindsight but at the moment a bigger fire was awesome. I lit their car on fire and just watched it, then threw some gasoline on it.it did exactly what I wanted and grew, the car was parked very close to their home and jumped over. Half the house was destroyed and I felt horrible. I stopped after that and haven’t burned anything down, although I do miss it.

I am sorry that I did ruin people’s lives for a bit.

14. AngryDancing

I take the self-service checkouts at the supermarket as a challenge. I have to try and get away with stealing one item every time. I honestly don’t know why, I just can’t help it.

15. JohnBenderFist

In a career that lasted from 13 to 17, I’ve stolen 58 vehicles.

I was never caught.

16. istohuh

When I was around 6 or 7 me and my mum would always go over to her friends house and I was to play with with my mums friends son who was 3 or 4 years older then me. After going over to there house a few times he started to molest. He would always let me play video games afterwards and I didn’t exactly know what he was doing though he insisted that I never tell anyone. For some reason I didn’t and eventually we stopped visiting there house fast forward 10 years and I’m at a big house party with a few of my friends, and I run into the guy who used to molest me as a kid. He couldn’t remember me at all but I got to talking to him, he was really shy and nothing like the kid I used to remember. I lulled him into a false sense of security and asked him if he would come to the petrol station to get some cigarettes with me. When we turned into a alleyway to get there fasted I grabbed him by the neck and threw him against the wall. He tried to get away but I had him held tightly pinned him against the wall. I told him who I really was and reminded him of all the thing he used to do to me when I was a kid, he denied it at first and called me a liar. He tried to push me away to run but I managed to get him to the floor and get him in a full mount and started to just pound away at his face, he started to cry and admitted to molesting me as a child in between blows, I was crying as well at this point and could hardly make out his form on the ground. I punched him in the throat and he started to wheeze, when he stopped struggling and laid limp on the floor I reached into his pocket and took his wallet. I went back to the party and hung out with my friends it felt like I had been gone for hours but it was only 10 minutes. A beating probably would of sufficed and I know I took it to far. I found out later he died and they blamed it on a violent mugging, it was a rough area of town and mugging occurred daily. I didn’t mean to kill him though years of dreaming at getting back at the kid that had molested me all boiled to the surface when we turned into that alleyway. I know a lot of people will hate me for but that’s my story. Do I regret what I did? Yes slightly but I try not to think about it ever and this is the first time I’ve even written it down, even my closest friends don’t know.

17. UnJustASexOffender

When I was 13, I molested my two younger sisters, they were about 11 and 6. I have no excuse for my behavior. On the other hand, I have explanation.

When I was 8, I was molested by a neighbor who was himself a victim of sex abuse. My parents mostly ignored the problem, moving away and sending me to a couple of token child-therapy sessions. That was my entire knowledge of sex: it feels good, if you do it, don’t get caught.

My parents were diehard Christians. They thought that the best way to raise kids was to isolate them, homeschool them, and not take them out for anything but church-related activities. They never gave us sex ed, never corrected my broken conception of sex as harmless fun.

Isolated in my home with my sisters, with my mother strung out, overwhelmed, and depressed, with PPD on top, none of the children were being cared for. Dad was distant and hardly ever home. I was trapped in my own little bubble of reality. Bored, hitting puberty, and having those strange feelings, I molested my sister. I even trained my sisters to like incest. I was never physically coercive, but I manipulated their younger, more vulnerable minds. It makes me feel heavy and numb writing this. I messed up my sisters forever. On the one hand, the entire situation was hellish, neglectful. On the other hand, I molested my sisters. There are no excuses for what I’ve done.

18. [deleted]

I’ve stolen two school busses from a church and burned them after an alcohol fueled destruction derby, stolen three cars and done the same, stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff from stores (some shit I didn’t even want) sold drugs from time to time (was getting pounds of nug FedExed to my apt). Also I have been arrested for two DUI’s, felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon x 2, got 5 felonies but managed to get them dropped, several disorderly conducts and disturbing the peace for general tomfoolery. I have beat and been beaten, even got thrown through a wall once which was pretty cool. I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting but this is a good deal of the things I have done for no apparent reason other than excitement. Oh yea I set a farmers field on fire once, about a hundred acres burned. That’s the only thing I feel bad about. Now however I only smoke weed and drink good beer. Rock climbing provides all the excitement I need.

19. lackPowerRager

I sell bath salts.

20. BlaidTDS

Vehicular Manslaughter. Guy stepped off the median of the highway into the fast lane a foot away from the front of my car. Totaled the car, smashed his head open. His wife was with him. Worst night of my life. No charges ever happened. I didn’t even get a ticket for going 53 in a 45.

21. aker321

I once raped my co-worker whilst she was asleep on the couch next to me.

She had a condition where when she went to sleep, she was an incredibly deep sleeper and we always made jokes with her at the office that we should try to play games with her when she went for a nap. Fun and games were had at house parties and stuff if she nodded off and we would stack cups and things on her body. More interesting to me was she had MPD and would often have weird conversations where her moods would change drastically over the course of the day.

She invited me around to help set up her new computer that she had ordered in parts and I came by after work around 10pm. After an hour and a half of setting up and getting things working, I was putting the finishing touches on it and she said she was going to just go watch some TV whilst waiting for me to finish. I managed to get the computer working, came out and saw her asleep with the remote in her hand on the couch.

Don’t really know what came over me, I think I was mainly wanting to call her bluff and see if I could wake her up in a “haha got you” situation, so I tried to wake her up by lifting her, then pinching her arms, rubbing her legs and arms vigorously to try and move her. Over time I started to get horny and i for the first time had thoughts about trying to have sex with a woman that was asleep and what it would feel like.

So I pulled off her jeans, her panties, and fingered her until she got wet enough for me to slide it in. As soon as I started sliding in, she didn’t wake up, but she did make a low moan and her body started moving against mine. After a while I came inside her, put her panties and jeans back on and left a note saying that I had finished and took a beer from her fridge as payment.
The next Monday I saw her at work and i was carefully checking her emotions and how she dealt with me, absolutely no change. 2 years on and we’re still friends, she has no idea, I haven’t told her and she was blissfully unaware.

Do I Regret it? not at all. which I think makes me a terrible person because I know I should feel guilty for it. Probably a psychopath in training.

Then again, now I have a girlfriend of a year and a half who i love dearly and couldn’t think about cheating on ever. I still sometimes look back with fond memories about that time though. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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