25 People Answer: “What Are You Currently Unhappy About?”

At any given moment, there’s probably something bothering you, whether you’re so anxious, mad, or sad that it’s distracting you from anything else or you just have a vague, almost subconscious little dissatisfaction, later to metastasize. Over at r/AskReddit, people have shared the seriously sucky thing(s) with which they are currently contending.

1. for_once

I just moved to a new city and know no one. I am extremely lonely. I haven’t had a close friend to talk to for almost a year now.

2. BIllyBrooks

Stuck in a job and industry I have no interest in. Drive to work is 90 minutes each way. Pay is good though, and I have kids and financial responsibilities that prevent me from throwing it all in. Also the job is so out of the way that to get to interviews for others is very, very hard. But even then I’m only qualified in a small field that I have tried very hard to get out of in the last 5 years, but have yet to be able to.

3. pointlesspanda

My financial aid just got denied for Fall semester. I have no way to pay for school or for the house I signed a lease with back in January. The lease starts Aug 1 and school starts the 21. I have no idea what to do and I can’t take out any private loans. I’m terrified. Edit: to answer some questions.. my satisfactory academic progress percentage went below the minimum because I had to drop out of all my spring classes to get out of a lease with my abusive ex boyfriend. I fled to California and tried to work. Eventually that fell through and I moved back to Ohio and got a summer job. I barely have anything saved up. I tried to get some private loans but my parents credit sucks and so does mine. No co signer in sight :( I think I’m just going to try to work full time and go to school. My school has a payment plan where I can pay in installments throughout the semester.

4. InfamousBatyote

I’m worried my future is going nowhere. I’ve put all I have into being a musician and have no back fall because I used to believe in myself.

5. catlady2004

My son is a heroin addict : (

6. LeifEriksonisawesome

I’m unattractive, and it’s hard to accept.

7. Blackbearhawk

In rank of most painful. Five. I’m 33 and I have no clue as to what I’m gonna do with my life. Four. I’m currently living with my folks. Three. My car is non functional and I don’t think I can fix it. Two. I have a cyst on my ball sack. That has gotten infected and my sack has swollen up like a softball. One. Last month my girlfriend dumped me and I miss her so.

8. waitingawhile

every single guy in the last year that I’ve talked to has either taken me out on a date and never talked to me again, talked to me for a month or so and then drop off the face of the earth, or allow me to for once take a next step and ask him if he was interested in going out, to which he said no. (even though he was leading me on 100%). It kind of takes a hit on your self esteem.

9. isaac231

Im in love with my best friend but will never get to be with her

10. gumballspwn

I’m way too self conscious about my body. I know I’m not ugly or anything, but I just always feel the need to hide my body and cake on a shit load of make up.

11. dumbassbuffet

There are people 2 years younger than me who have their shit together. I’m out of high school with hardly a handful of friends, no girlfriend, I was never invited to a party, didn’t get my license until earlier this year, I’m not even making $1000.00 per month, I don’t have enough time to work on my programming or my music, and nothing. ever. changes. I guess you could say I’m in a rut.

12. bestfujiever

Recently experimented with a drug that sent me into a full on mental breakdown in front of my closest friends. So I’ve been feeling lonely, embarrassed, and hopeless all at once. My breakdown centered around my insecurities of messing up my college application, which means that while my friends go on to forge new lives, I’m forced to stay behind in my small town and go to community college instead, all alone, and the nagging feeling that my friends see me as more of a burden to their lives than as an addition. I know this will probably get buried under all the other comments, but I just need to let it out.

13. AnTastySammich

‘m such a fat fuck. I lost over 40 pounds, then my girlfriend of 10 months cheated on me. Now, I’ve gained it all back and then some.

14. Eyooo

Well I met a girl at my friends house in the mountains of PA. Her and I were literally perfect, and we’re still talking and stuff, its just that I’ll never see her again. I live in NYC. I’ll miss the way her hair smelled of watermelons and bliss and how she knew how to snuggle in just right so that the contour of her body fit mine perfectly. I miss her laughter, the light chuckle or her hearty giggle that I managed to entice out of her every now and then, and how her hair tumbled so smoothly like a waterfall over her shoulders. I miss how when I pushed her on the swing she would lean back just a little to have her back touch my chest as I pushed her along her merry way. We text all the time and we’re always talking about going on dates and such and life in general once we’re older, but its scary right now. I miss her, and I just said good night to her. I dont know what it is, but I think I’m in love.

15. Lloth

My job is a continuous pile of suck, procedures I put into place don’t get followed and I end up getting yelled at by the agencies we work with, I’m stressed as fuck as a result, my 6 year relationship ended 4 months ago because of shit that neither of us had control of, my depression I thought was under control is not & I’ve taken to scratching myself to the point of bleeding at work in the bathroom because I don’t have a knife small enough to carry so I can cut. I’ve been medicating by buying nail polish. Shit sucks.

16. Dozer11

I’m unhappy because I’m becoming increasingly aware of the enormous flaws in my personality, work ethic, and character that are preventing me from making the most out of this life. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve been given so many opportunities and advantages, and squandered them all.

17. emmaerald

I have low-self esteem; I’m shy; I’m in a city where I know nobody; I’m lonely.

18. Klib


19. ClassyNotClassic

I hate my face, my body, my voice. I hate myself.

20. Rushm00re

My best friend is moving away for a year. I’m in love with her. She’s in a long term relationship. She drunkenly offered to sleep with me. I said no. My feels are confused…

21. UnsolvedMurder

No job, no college, no license, no nothing. Living at my parents house doing absolutely nothing and i can’t get my shit together.

22. HerrBongwasser

i’m broke as fuck and that’s causing an escalating series of problems.

23. Volt5302

I’m very depressed (have been for years), don’t make use of my degree, fairly bad social anxiety, don’t have a gf, body image issues, family issues, fear of failure, haven’t worked in 6 months and money is running out, etc.
My life pretty much sucks all the way around and I have no clue how to fix it.

24. ladder2heaven

There’s just this gnawing voice in me that tells me I’m gonna die eventually and life is meaningless. On paper, my life is amazing, but I have to force myself to not think about my impending death and non-existence several times a week. I’m 26, unmarried with no kids. Is this a sign of depression?

25. DawsInATL

Nothing. I’m pretty happy. I’m broke. In fact I’m in debt. I moved so I don’t know anyone and my relationship is long distance now. But I really can’t complain. I interjected a purpose in to my life and I feel great about the hard work I’m doing now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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