What If You Rammed Every Car That Cut You Off

What If You Rammed Every Car That Cut You Off

It’s funny to imagine ramming every car that cut you off on the highway. There’d be consequences, though, of course, like the rammee getting out of his/her car and walking angrily towards you car demanding answers. But one Alexei Volkov, a bus driver in Zelenograd (a Russian city near Moscow), did exactly that, and it’s all on camera for your amusement.

There’s something thrilling and a little nuts about seeing a car swerve onto the screen cutting off the bus and then watching, from Volkov’s perspective, as he mercilessly, and with no hesitation, rams the crap out of the offending car. Makes me feel like I’m in a first-person video game. What’s going through this bus driver’s head? Why is he willing to dent his car or other people’s cars and risk fines and damages just to work out some of his frustration?

Volkov claims to have had over 100 traffic accidents in his career. TC mark

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