Seann William Scott Is The Only Attendee At Premiere Of 'Movie 43'

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Hilariously, Seann William Scott Is The Only Attendee At Premiere Of 'Movie 43'

Movie 43, a black-comedy anthology film co-directed and produced by one of the Farrelly brothers, has gotten horrendously bad reviews, with the Chicago Sun-Times calling it “the Citizen Kane of awful.” (I need to see this!) It also has one of the largest ensemble casts ever assembled, in part because, as an anthology, it is a bunch of short movies back to back. Seann William Scott, who stars in a segment with Johnny Knoxville and Gerard Butler, showed up to the premiere, hoping to see Halle Berry, one of the many cast members, and was surprised to find out he was the most famous actor to bother attending. Not a good sign! TC mark

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