Netherlands Debate Legalizing 3 Or More Gay Parents Per Child

Netherlands Debate Legalizing 3 Or More Gay Parents Per Child

While other parts of the world are still debating gay marriage, the Netherlands was the first to legalize it in 2001, and now the country faces an even more progressive issue: the legalization of three or more gay parents raising a child. The below video profiles a family composed of two men and two women, all identifying as gay, who are raising children together. The two men gave their sperm to the two women for artificial insemination, and two boys, Simon and Joaquim, were born. The boys spend the week with their mothers, except for Thursdays with their dads, and the weekends with all four of their parents.

The parents say that, before committing to being a family, they spent a lot of time together discussing their values and making sure they wanted similar things for their children. The key topic seems to have been how to educate their children.

But the legality of the family is still in question. Under Dutch law, only the mothers can legally call themselves the childrens’ parents.

I think whatever will provide a child and its parents with feelings of stability and love is healthy and good. While this model wouldn’t work for everyone, that’s true of any family arrangement. Furthermore, if two gay couples want their children to have a male or female presence in their lives as well, this is a good possible solution. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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