Here’s Why Tumblr Is Ridiculous

New Tumblr Parody Song Is Spot-On

When it comes to targets of snarky parody, Tumblr is a low-hanging fruit. From neverending TV GIFs to self-righteous political ranting to soft- and hardcore porn, Tumblr has something for almost anyone — and most of it is easy to make fun of.

That’s exactly what this song from College Humor does, and it gets a lot of things right, goofing on things like GIF’ing every episode of a TV show to people’s questionable quoting of historical figures to all the political posturing and attendant lingo (I particularly hate “This!” and “All the awards!”).

To be fair, Tumblr’s also the easiest-to-use blog platform and has created its own fairly distinct culture with many vibrant subcultures within it. Still easy to make fun of, though. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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