12 Notable Things Since Moving To New York

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I recently moved to Brooklyn from Chicago. So far I love New York, and some of the things on this list explain why (others not so much):

1. I’ve been not-sleeping very much.

Luckily, I already had some friends when I moved here and I’ve made more quickly, and they’re chill and down to hang, and some people don’t work 9-5, in fact most of them because they’re younger than me/in college/just out of college, so there’s been lots of late nights.

2. I’ve already been to something like 12 literary readings.

Even if you’re not involved with literary stuff yourself, there’s constantly readings you could be attending. I’m not saying they’re all or most of them enjoyable to attend, but there you go.

3. A cab driver told me he’s working on an exposé book that’s going to blow the lid on these corrupt Wall Street scumbags.

The cab job is just something to get by on until the book comes out, the cab driver told me.

4. I discovered the joy of jerk turkey bodega sandwiches.

I’ve had plenty of jerk chicken in my life, but never jerk turkey. It’s effing delicious. Bodegas are wonderful in general, because they’re open late and sometimes 24-hours. So I know that if I really want to, I can always get a sandwich or chips or beer at pretty much any hour of the night. Comforting, just knowing that’s available.

5. I was solicited by a prostitute for the first time.

That actually just happened to me on the way here. This woman hanging around the corner who had been asking me (really it was more like bugging me) for change yesterday, saw me again and recognized me and started hassling me and she was like, “You want to come over bubby, you wanna have a good time bubby,” and I said no and that I didn’t have money.

6. Went to a party and didn’t know anyone and they all went to NYU.

I sort of knew the host, who had invited me, but my other friends weren’t there yet, and everyone at the party knew each other.

7. Everyone in Brooklyn is involved with some big thing or has met/knows some celebrity.

I’m exaggerating but last night there was one person who was directing a Kitty Pryde video and this other person knew ASAP Rocky’s sister and had met Rocky. Stuff like that.

8. People RSVP for events and then don’t go.

There’s this one girl in particular who I’m Facebook friends with and she clicks “attending” for so many things I’m also attending and I never see her at the events. Still haven’t met her.

9. You can take a few beers out of a sixpack and just buy those, you don’t have to buy the whole sixpack.

They don’t do that in the Midwest. It ruins the sixpack. I don’t get why they’re OK with that here, but they are.

10. You can go to Uniqlo.

They don’t have Uniqlo stores in Chicago.

11. You actually can find cheap rent, you just have to be resourceful.

I managed to find a cheap place in Bushwick, although it took me a while and I don’t have much of a living room. Some of my friends live together in a communal living situation in Bushwick and are each paying a very small amount as a result.

12. There’s lots of attractive people walking around.

So far seems to be way more attractive people here than in Chicago. That being said, my friend from L.A. says this is nothing compared to L.A. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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