Watch Jon Stewart Make Fun Of Women In Military Opponents

Watch Jon Stewart Make Fun Of Women In Military Opponents

Jon Stewart and his colleagues at The Daily Show took on the women in the military controversy Monday, poking fun and coining some nifty neologisms in the process. Acknowledging that the military’s new policy, to let women fight in front-line military units, is a big change, Stewart made light of the objections: 1.) Women are on-average more physically small (“They’re tiny!”); 2.) Sex is inevitable (Stewart says that sounds like the tagline for a fragrance); 3.) Hygiene (“You’re in a war zone, and your big worry is dying of embarrassment?”).

Correspondent Samantha Bee’s segment gave us some new terms to use in this discussion: “military bro-hesion” and the “guy-namic.” Personally, I think an expanded inclusiveness, within reason, is good, and maybe it’d boost company bro-rale. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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