Here’s James Franco Covering Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”


I wouldn’t be surprised if James Franco has an intellectual explanation for everything he’s done in the however-many years since he started being a zany conceptual artist and stopped starring in crap movies like Flyboys. But from the outside, it seems like he mostly: 1.) Attends as many grad school programs as possible; 2.) Acts in movies; 3.) Does zany conceptual pop-art.

Today, via Vulture, we get to see more of #3: James Franco teaming up with actress Ashley Benson to lip-sync Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.”

Here's James Franco Covering Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"

Apparently, Franco posted this on his WhoSay account, which honestly I don’t know what that is but, he took it down, but someone preserved it on YouTube, for future James Franco art exhibit curators. Probably this is what Franco conceived would happen when he conceived this, his first conceptual Belieber fan vid. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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