“Meggings”: Hot New Fashion Trend?


According to a recent article in The Telegraph, this winter may be the winter of “meggings,” that is, man leggings. Apparently more and more men are wearing leggings, especially in New York, and it’s becoming a trend. Uniqlo, Barneys, and Nordstrom are now selling meggings, and various male celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz have been spotted wearing them.

This reminds me of when Conan O’Brien tried on jeggings.

What do you think? Are meggings the inevitable follow-up to the ubiquitous skinny jeans? Do you hope this becomes a widespread trend or no? Do you need to be very skinny to pull it off?

One thing I know for sure: there’s already a (possibly NSFW) FuckYeahMeggings tumblr. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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