Milking Is The New Planking


Students in Newcastle, England have come up with a worthy heir to the “planking” craze: “milking.” What you do is you buy a big thing of milk and pour it over your head in public. Seems very funny to me, for some reason.

YouTube-comment reaction to the video, posted 4 days ago, has been mixed. “that is foo kin quality,” said commenter “england8943,” while commenter “almighty jass” opined, “witless poshos.” “Poshos” appears to be a class-based putdown.

So far “milkers” have been filmed pulling the stunt in the middle of a road, outside bars, in a train station, and after popping out of garbage bins. (Due to my English degree, now I’m thinking about the characters in dustbins in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, although they weren’t pouring milk on their heads and also they didn’t have legs.)

Anyway, I approve this nascent internet craze! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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