Facebook To Invade Your Privacy (Again)

Per this recent Reuters article, Facebook is considering sharing its user data with such affiliates as recent acquisition Instagram. Which means your email, your contacts, and all your hiply-filtered night-out pics could be available in the same place and thus more easily stolen by one of those hacker bros. Google did a similar thing earlier this year and was accused of invading people’s privacy.

Is this a logical type of streamlining in a world of near-constant social media use on a variety of platforms? Or does it feel kind of questionable?

Further raising eyebrows, Facebook said it wants to replace the current email filter setting that allows users to control who can message them with new filters.  And–there’s one more thing–Facebook may do away with the voting system that allows its users to veto changes to policies and terms of service if enough users complain.

Are you going to quit Facebook (and come back in a month when you realize you can’t kick your addiction)? Is privacy a thing of the past? Personally I don’t sit around worrying about identity thieves, but maybe I’m naive. I hardly ever think about identity theft except when I’m watching those CitiBank commercials.

If you want to complain about these changes, now’s the time to do it. Likely on Facebook. TC Mark

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