Cute Viral Video Features Violent Fatalities


Anyone familiar with the Darwin Awards has laughed at people dying in ridiculous, unfortunate ways, but have you seen it animated and soundtracked in the super-cute style of a domestic home goods commercial? “Dumb Ways To Die” made me LOL at people suffering electrocution-by-toaster, head-removal by bear, and body-flattening by oncoming train. I think this 3-minute ditty could be shortened to 2 minutes, but I was surprised by how amusing it was to watch a stick figure meet a bloody demise.

Which makes me think, what am I laughing about exactly? A friend of mine who also appreciates a darkly comic joke used to end our emails with non-sequitur, entirely jocular requests for me to violently mutilate him in very specifically described ways. And this was a treasured, ongoing joke in our friendship! Are we sick people? Thanks for making me introspective about violence and death, Cute Viral Video. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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