How To Be Charismatic

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Question: What is it about Bill Clinton that makes him so charming to everyone he meets?

How is it that Newt Gingrich, his political arch rival called him “one of the most charming effective people I’ve ever negotiated with”? How is it that after meeting him for just a few seconds, Gillian Anderson (Scully on X-Files) said, “When I got home, I expected to have a message from him, and I didn’t. I bet women across America expect it too.”

Today, I’ll show you exactly how to be charismatic and how Clinton makes such a lasting impression. And I mean “show” literally. I’m not going to write about it. I’m going to show you with a video breakdown of Clinton’s masterful eye contact.

You’ll also find out how Neil deGrasse Tyson uses his voice to make people fascinated by whatever he talks about. And how Tony Robbins uses his body language to inspire and energize everyone who sees him.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how YOU can model the eye contact, tonality, and body language of the masters to become a charismatic powerhouse. TC Mark

Eye Contact – Bill Clinton

Tonality and Story Telling – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Body Language and Gesticulation – Tony Robbins

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