19 Tinder Users Describe Their Best And Worst Hookup Stories

16. Straight up scammed.

I was traveling to Riga, Latvia via bus from Estonia. I was planning to spent few days there to explore the city. LuxExpress has free WiFi so I was killing the time by looking at girls on Tinder. I started talking to this one local Brunette and we kinda hit it off, she suggested to meet her later on in town, and I agreed. After dropping off my stuff to the hostel I went to meet her in one of the local establishments, which sell drink.

When I entered the bar I was stunned by her looks, and to be honest I probably couldn’t get any intelligent comment out of me until I had downed few beers. Luckily she liked to talk, and kept telling me about the old town and Riga’s nightlife. I think I managed to ask few “intelligent” question about her and tell little about myself. We walked around the old town of Riga and talked for few hours and I thought everything was going really well. Later we met up with few of her friends and went to this one nightclub, we danced and generally had a good time. Towards the end of the evening I made out with her few times and was, lets just say more than excited of my prospects. She told me she’s going to the ladies room and decided that I had to have few drinks more to calm my nerves (I was on dry spell). We went back to my hostel and started making out (I had my own room). Then all of a sudden she stopped and game the price list pitch. At this point I was between furious and horny, seriously considering what I could afford. I ended up throwing her out of my room.

I wish that would have been the end of it but she started screaming and kicking the door, I ended up thrown out of the hostel with her, she threatens me to give her cash or “the boys” will come after me. She starts to follow me when I left to search for new accommodation. I walk few blocks listening to her threats and phone calls, at the end of the street I noticed few guys start to walking fast towards us. I have never ran so fast with a backpack in my life, not even in the army. I managed to lost them in this big park at the edge of Riga’s old town, by hiding in the bushes. I think I waited there for an hour or two, before proceeding back to the bus station and getting the hell out of Latvia.


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