14 Foreigners Reveal The One Thing They Wish Americans Would Remember When Traveling Abroad

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Found on AskReddit.

1. The U.S. dollar isn’t accepted everywhere.

Remember that different countries use different currency. I saw some very angry people who were shocked their American dollars weren’t acceptable to pay for their dinner…in Copenhagen.

2. Do your research regardless of where you’re from.

Probably applies to all tourists but please read up on the local culture as well as customs.

3. You don’t have to be so loud.

We know you’re American, you don’t have to yell it out all the time. Keep your voice down. You can pick out American tourists just by volume.

4. Seriously, babe. Can you be quiet?

Never had a bad experience with American expats, the student exchange guys are great uni/gym mates, one guy could fucking sing the Halo song (you know the one) and the women are beautiful. I’ll definitely be visiting some day.

That said, please stop talking as though your caps lock key is stuck. I’m standing right next to you man, YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!

5. Actually, just don’t even open your mouth.

Be quiet. If no one else in earshot is louder than you, then you are too loud. Also if no one is talking, don’t start talking.

6. Stop hogging the waffle iron.

Remember that other people have a day to go about as well.

I get that you trudged through crowds with in-laws you hate, children who hate you, and an SO who thinks you should just ask for directions, but that’s no excuse to barrel through traffic or people like you’re on your way to save the Queen.

Side note, behave at Hotel Breakfast Bars. I see you taking 5 plates back to your room and all I want is some buttered toast.

7.  No one cares about your standards. Also, you’re gullible.

Plz stop telling people in 3rd world countries about how your country has better standards or so.

1st: I have heard some really idiotic stuff when people complain about my country. e.g: They complain our social security and they say “oh in the US the service is better” thus this might be true, hospitals in the US might be way more expensive than those here. Then I go to say if you want that go to a private clinic but they always counteract with oh but its different..no it isn’t… and life-insurance and such is damn expensive.

2nd: They will buy all your bullshit without questioning so you could be exaggerating. Not saying all do but some assholes who think they are better than everyone always go about showing off (or living a really expensive life) and expect everyone from the US to be like that, plz have you seen the ghettos?

8. Watch where you’re walking.

I don’t get the ‘annoying American tourist’ stereotype, I worked in a hotel and they were either over the top polite or quite rude, but nothing that really annoyed me.

When you walk in London, don’t just stop in the middle of the pavement for a photo etc. Find somewhere to stop first, a doorway etc.

9. You’re not that popular, bro. 

Do not assume that the USA is the centre of the universe or that we aspire in anyway to be like the States.

10.  I’m…not even sure what that is.

Remember to not bring a bumbag with them.

11. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

As an American I’ve found I (mostly) hate traveling with other Americans. Their manners are terrible, they expect everything right now and if they don’t get it they pout and let it ruin their day/meal/etc, and just act entitled to the world.

12. Well, that seems easy.

Don’t be an ass.

13. Leave people be.

You tend to be wonderful people, but sometimes American politeness is seen as rude… We enjoy our privacy, quiet and complaining.

14. Just eat it. 

Quit complaining about the food. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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