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The Freezer

The bar looked like something you would have found in the 70s, with its wood panel walls and bright carpets, or at least they were still bright orange in a few spots.

Writer’s Block

What are you now lacking that you previously possessed? Hell, maybe you never had anything to begin with except for a bunch of unheard rants. What do you need to help you write? A woman? A woman could do the trick. A woman could help get you out of this rut.


We need to question everything in our lives and everything around us. We need a greater understanding of the world and the work force against which we are competing. We can no longer go on being inadequately attentive.

How To Be Depressed

This is almost becoming a routine by now, you spend you don’t know how long tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, trying to finally end the endless cycle of thoughts that pour through your head just for this.…

A Week In April

A Week In April, as the title suggests, is about a week in April; to be more precise, it’s about the events that took place on the 14th through the 21st. A lot happened during this week, including the Boston Bombings and Congress’s inability to care what the American people think about gun control. This post is not about those events though; this post about what happened to me during that time period.