8 “Thank Yous” To The Most important Man In My Life

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What do you get a man who endured a slap from his wife in the labor room when she had to undergo a difficult labor, just so he can have an ungrateful brat of a daughter who can’t even think of what to get for him on Father’s Day?

What do you get a man who decided to migrate his whole family to another country in the hopes of giving his children a better education and a safer environment to grow up in?

What do you get a man who tried to give all he could despite facing one setback after another, swallowing so much of his pride just so his kids could be well-educated?

What do you get a man who waits up for his daughter with home-cooked supper when she’s out partying late at night with her friends?

What do you get a man who still believes in his daughter when the whole world was telling him otherwise?

When I experienced my first failure, the one who was there for me was my dad. I cried tears of humiliation, despair, and frustration while my dad held me and told me it was all going to be OK.

Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences of having picked himself up after countless setbacks, I got back on my own two feet, with his motivation and support.

The next setback came when I was in my final semester and I was terribly ill. I was hospitalized and kept under observation in a foreign land, and my dad came running to my rescue.

For many weeks after, he was the one who accompanied me to the medical checkups and nursed me back to health and I can’t find words to describe succinctly my ordeal.

What do you give a man who has sacrificed and invested so much in his daughter’s education overseas, only to discover that there’s a possibility she might not be able to finish her degree?

If I were to document every single little thing you have done for me, this would be no longer be an article, but an encyclopedia.

So Dad, this was written solely for you in mind and because I do not want to wait before it’s too late, before I’ve lost, to regret not having done this.


Thank you for believing in your stupid daughter and still supporting her dreams even though you find them amusing.


Thank you for teaching me that I have what it takes in me to pick up the pieces after every fall.


Thank you for teaching me the danger of indulging in self-pity and for pulling me out from wallowing into that dark pit of self-doubt before it’s too late to regret.


Thank you for challenging me to be stronger than I think I am and for spurring me to have the courage to face adversities head-on.


Thank you for inspiring me to follow in your footsteps of becoming an engineer, especially when there still exist in this world a deep-set mentality that a woman’s role should solely be in the kitchen.


Thank you for giving me a memorable childhood and for making it happen such that I was able to experience living life in three different countries and gain a wider perspective on things .


Most importantly, thank you for sacrificing so much of yourself just for us to have a home and for playing such an active role in keeping the family intact, together, and happy.


Thank you for doing all you can to the best of your abilities in being the best father one can ever have.

I truly hope for my future daughter to be lucky enough to have a father just like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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