8 Brilliant Ways To Productively Procrastinate During Finals

1. Clean

Finals is the perfect time to clean you room, not to mention all those dirty dishes that you and your roommates have left in the sink for the past week (or maybe the past couple of months). Clearing clutter from your life helps revitilize you and hopefully lets you think clearer when you are done procrastinating and decide to start studying.

2. Work Out

Get those endorphins rushing with a quick trip to the gym or maybe a jog outside. One of my best friends and I always find an open place in the gym and use a big speaker to blast our favorite songs while doing a workout we found on Pinterest. I always feel better when I’ve sweat out the stress of the papers and exams weighing me down. Working out hits two birds with one stone because you get to de-stress a little while getting fit for summer!

3. Call Your Mom Or Dad

You know who would love to hear from you? And who will listen to you complain a little too much about how many tests you have and how many hours you will have to spend in the library? You guessed it. Parents are supposed to love us no matter what, even when we are grumpy, stressed, and sleep-deprived. Sometimes we need to vent in order to relieve a little bit of stress. Besides, hearing a familiar and loving voice always helps calm the system a little.

4. Bake Something Sweet

Procrastinating by baking cookies or brownies, or maybe both in the same pan at the same time is probably the best use of your studying time. First of all, everyone you study with will love you (slash hate you because everyone eats like crap during finals). Sugar also gives much needed energy, right? You’ll probably need a midnight snack anyway since you haven’t started studying yet and will need to stay up all night.

5. Get Outside

The library is not a jail. Trust me, the air outside smells and feels much better than the heavy stress-filled and smelly air of a library that is infested with people who probably haven’t showered for a couple of days because they have exams. Play tag, go for a walk, sit in the sun and think about summer. The fresh air will help rejuvenate your senses and give you more energy when you start to study again.

6. Make a Fabulous Photo Collage Of One Of Your Friends Who Is Actually Being Productive

Take a break from your notes and dig through your photos. Those screenshots of your friends’ snapchats? Yeah, now is the perfect time to use them. Scrolling through your photos and making a great collage will be impossible to do without laughing. Laughter and smiling and positivity are all linked, boosting your mood so finals can’t keep you down.

7. Read Harry Potter

No explanation needed here.

8. Read Thought Catalog

Looks like you’ve already got this one down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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