30 Life Lessons I Wish I Would’ve Known Before 30

1. Embrace the struggle. It’s emotionally draining and incredibly stressful, but you’ll never learn more than you do during these speed bumps.

2. Your deepest and most rewarding relationships are the ones you build with vulnerability.

3. You will never stop getting disappointed. It is in those moments that the best humans show up.

4. The truth will ALWAYS come out. Being a jerk in the moment will always outweigh a lifetime of guilt.

5. Trust. Your. Gut. There is nothing truer than your instincts.

6. Friends and relationships come and go. It’s okay to go on separate life paths. It may mean you’re just two separate branches growing on the same tree.

7. No burden is too big for the ones that love you most. We all go through struggles and need to lean on each other. It makes people feel good that you trust them in your darkest hours.

8. Most arguments are simple misunderstandings. Quiet your ego and communicate from your heart.

9. Everyone you cross paths with will not be in the same place in life as you. That’s okay. You were once where they were or you will be where they are.

10. Never believe there is nothing left to learn. Your entire lifespan is a compilation of continuous knowledge.

11. There is no such thing as a perfect life, only perfect moments. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t courageous enough to be honest with themselves, let alone anyone else.

12. Where the mind goes, energy flows. Positive self talk leads to positive outcomes.

13. Believe actions, not words. People may lie for many different reasons, but you can always find truth in how someone treats you.

14. You can never love someone into changing. If you don’t love them as they are, you love their potential. Move on.

15. Facing your flaws is the scariest and most difficult discovery you will ever come to terms with.

16. The best medicine for a broken heart is always sharing an evening with the friends you call family.

17. It’s okay to say no or cancel plans. You never need an excuse to spend time alone.

18. Take care of yourself. Whatever that looks like for you, make time for it.

19. Know your worth and own it. You are only as valuable as you make yourself.

20. Self-confidence is hands down the sexiest attribute you can radiate.

21. A good reputation will make life easier, but having good character is what makes your life rich.

22. “Making it” is subjective. If you live your life based on the next big thing to give meaning to your life, you’ve lost sight on what this journey is about.

23. Be brave enough to show up. For yourself. For your friends. For your family. These are the three elements that make your entire life worth living, so don’t miss any opportunity to truly show up for someone you love.

24. Speak your mind and stand up for yourself, but never use words with the intention of hurting anyone.

25. Take responsibility for what you do but never apologize for how you feel.

26. Don’t expect everyone to understand your perspective, no matter how well you explain it. They will only meet you where they are at in life, and we all learn lessons at different times and in different ways.

27. Don’t hold grudges just because someone doesn’t see a situation through your eyes. Explain your view. Stop and listen to theirs with an open heart. Then decide if you both can find common ground.

28. Don’t make snap decisions out of emotion. Sit with it, think it through, and love yourself enough to know who and what is helping or hindering your life.

29. Respect each other’s journey. Help when you can. Say goodbye when you need to. And be thankful for everyone you come in contact with.

30. Sometimes your path veers away from the ones you were closest to. It can sometimes feel like you’re making the biggest mistake of your life to step away from your inner circle, but trust that the ones that are real will always stay. They’re just patiently waiting for you to realize they never left and were cheering you on the whole time.

“Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, make your absence felt”

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