42 Little Things In Life That Really Make It Worth Living

Flickr / Leo Hidalgo
Flickr / Leo Hidalgo
  1. When the two potential lovebirds you’re rooting for in a TV show finally get together.
  2. When the train/bus you need for a transfer gets to the stop the same moment you do.
  3. Getting a text from someone you actually want to talk to.
  4. Getting in the car and turning the radio on to find that your favorite song just started.
  5. A wonderful shower after being out all day.
  6. Bedgasms.
  7. Eargasms.
  8. All “-gasms”.
  9. Meeting someone who’s obsessed with the same shows/musical artists you are.
  10. Falling in friend-love.
  11. Offering someone some of what you’re eating while praying to the heavens that they say “no” because you really don’t want to share and then they politely decline.
  12. Getting ready to do laundry and finding cash in your pockets.
  13. Arriving to the gym to find your favorite machine waiting for you.
  14. Finding something good to watch on Netflix in under five minutes.
  15. Listening to elders talk about how they fell in love with their soulmates.
  16. Popping bubble wrap.
  17. Your meal finally arriving.
  18. When plans you weren’t that excited for get cancelled.
  19. Finishing a really hard/seemingly impossible workout.
  20. The early stages of dating someone.
  21. Getting quick responses to your texts.
  22. When you really don’t want the person you’re calling to answer their phone and it goes to voicemail.
  23. Getting home and settled in just in time for a new episode of your favorite show.
  24. Getting partnered with your work crush for a project.
  25. Your online purchases being delivered.
  26. Beating your friend in Trivia Crack.
  27. Glancing at a friend and them knowing EXACTLY what you’re thinking.
  28. Warm hugs/snuggling.
  29. Starting a new book.
  30. A home-cooked meal.
  31. Getting closure.
  32. A good stretch.
  33. A cold glass of water/beer/lemonade/whatever on a hot summer day.
  34. Knowing tomorrow is your day off.
  35. Having a good nights rest.
  36. When your favorite show/s return/s from hiatus.
  37. Finding your favorite snack of choice on sale at the supermarket.
  38. Taking off your bra/pants.
  39. Laughing until you cry.
  40. Crying until you laugh.
  41. Getting a GREAT selfie within the first five attempts.
  42. Receiving personal, meaningful gifts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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