The Unofficial Scandal Season 4 Drinking Game

Youtube / nz gladiator
Youtube / nz gladiator

Ahhh, those long, torturous, seemingly incessant weeks without a new episode of Scandal are just a pain of the past because Thursdays finally have a purpose again! Yup, OPA is open for business! (Well, not really, but you get the point).

First things first, take a shot if you’re #teamOlitz because you’re great and we should have a conversation about this wondering pairing. Now, let’s get started forrealz!

Take A Shot If/When:

  • Camera lenses flutter
  • Olivia’s lip quivers
  • A #hashtag appears on the screen
  • You actually tweet using said #hashtag
  • Someone says something about bitches and/or gladiators
  • Huck does his crazy eyes thing
  • Fitz drinks scotch/whiskey before 6 pm
  • Someone has sex with someone they sure as hell shouldn’t be (excluding Olivia and Fitz)
  • Olivia’s parents are mentioned
  • Fitz is having a great hair day
  • Someone addresses Abby as anything besides her actual name (i.e. Red, Gabby, etc.)
  • Fitz/Olivia says “…hi…”
  • #Olitz song plays (you know which freaking song)

Take A Double Shot If/When:

  • Olivia’s parents are seen in a flashback
  • Olivia says that she’s “Olivia Pope”
  • You realize just how great of a show this truly is
  • You think/say “Damn, Shonda Rhimes just slayed” (or anything along the lines of praising this creative goddess)
  • Cyrus is conniving as hell
  • Quinn tortures someone and you revel in how far she’s come since season one

Finish Your Drink If/When:

  • Mama Pope is back ~in person~
  • Her hair is still a hot ass mess
  • Huck threatens to kill/torture someone
  • You roll your eyes because David Rosen speaks about white hats
  • Mellie ends a scene with a riveting soliloquy on being a woman scorned and you’re just hella inspired to major in rhetoric
  • You get physically ill remembering Bellamy’s Emmy snub because damn is she a brilliant actress
  • This is the episode that Olivia is actually rescued
  • We finally see little Teddy again!

Finish All The Alcohol In Your House If/When:

  • Another person dies for Olivia
  • She/he died because Huck killed her/him
  • Jake finally grows a pair and realizes #Olitz is endgame
  • This is the episode that Olivia actually saves HERSELF
  • You’re upset with the ending of the episode, but you know you’ll be back next week


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