This Is Why She Travels

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Not to use the beautiful sceneries behind her as background for her photos.

Not because she has lots of cash.

Not so she can shout out how many places she’s been to.

Not so she has something to post online.

Not because she can afford a hotel and a plane ticket.

Not so people can call her “goals”.

Not only because she wants to try new food and see new places.

Not because she simple just wants to.

She loves to travel because her spine chills when she steps outside the airport gates and her feet meets new soil.

She loves it because her heart pumps fast when she climbs up mountains or temples and her lungs gasps for air and she has sweat everywhere.

She loves it because her eyes capture every view and pins it on her mind and heart. Where she takes it everywhere she goes.

She loves it because even after she spends her last dollar, she already made local friends who she connected with along her way.

She loves the way the wind brushed on her skin and the new scent and aroma she meets each morning on the street.

She loves the taste of new spices and flavors that burn through her tongue, leaving a scar that she’ll keep looking for even after she leaves.

She loves those nights where she’d explore more of the place and probably even spend the night somewhere other than her hotel.

She loves the photographs of the places with the local people, than those with her in it.

She loves wearing the local clothes and trying to speak the language.

She loves the adrenaline rush when faced with something new.

She loves the colors that painted the sky when the Sun sets, and when the moon finally goes up and she goes looking for the best view of the stars.

She loves the memories that kept haunting her, constantly pulling her to come back.

She loves to travel, not because she wants to.

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