This Is Why Ghosting Hurts So Much

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Edgar Gomez

Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up thinking of you. I glance up at the night sky in my mind that reveals a broad swath of light and then I see you. You amongst the stars within the dust-obscured galactic disk is a complicating factor of why you had left me without any trace. Just when I thought everything is going great – but then you suddenly disappeared. With no apparent reason.

I spent weeks in agony while you diligently ignored my texts, I desperately reached out, and even came up with lame excuses for your behavior (“he must be busy,” “he must’ve lost his phone”), until I finally face the truth – you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore. You just didn’t bother to tell me that directly. Your disappearance left a gaping hole in my heart. You took away with you so much of me that even light can not get out. 

You left in a very cruel and disrespectful way – you were my star that had fall in upon itself, or collapses – you could no longer be seen as you pull all of my light into the center of my being, lost and empty, a monstrous black hole – a greedy glutton that consumed my being and took the light away from me. I wanted closure, I wanted something, I felt robbed, I felt abandoned, it’s just not fair – this is why ghosting hurts so much!

Please say goodbye and face the tears and pain in my eyes. Be brave enough to endure the questions, the sadness, the outbursts of emotion. Explain why you had to leave exactly as you can is the least you can do for me as another human. Please don’t disappear this way – ghosting isn’t the way to show me what you are truly made of.  Learn how to communicate, relate, and love in a grown up way! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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